When you tap a button to request an Uber ride, you’re leaving the driving and your safety in an Uber driver’s hands.

Uber drivers deal with a lot of distractions that can make them prone to reckless and careless driving. They often stare at their phones to read alerts from Uber, Uber customers, and navigation apps. They may also feel rushed to speed or drive aggressively to get to a destination on time. These are all reasons why Uber accidents are fairly common along Los Angeles freeways and boulevards.

Can You Sue Uber if Your Driver Crashes?

Yes, under some situations you can file a claim against Uber if the driver crashes and you are injured. Uber carries a $1 million dollar insurance policy that’s available when accidents injure a passenger. There’s also protection available if an uninsured driver hits the Uber car you’re in and you are injured.

How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

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If you’re in the backseat, you are still at risk for serious injury in an Uber accident. In fact, accident victims in backseats can suffer more severe injuries than drivers.

Airbags generally aren’t installed in backseats. Victims can take a full impact from the passenger door, the front seat, or the roof without any cushion. Seatbelts in backseats also aren’t usually as advanced as the seatbelts provided to those in the front seat. Occupants in the backseat are particularly vulnerable to rear-end accidents.

Can I Sue Uber For Injuries After A Car Accident?

Uber Insurance Support Available After a Southern California Accident

In the backseat of an Uber vehicle, you could have a clear view of an accident as it happens. In the aftermath, you will be questioned by investigating officers. You may also find yourself in an ambulance on the way to the hospital with an Uber accident injury.

Once your injuries are stabilized, it’s only natural to wonder about the enormous medical bills that are building up. How will you pay these expenses and your normal monthly bills while you are down with an injury and out of work? You can try to start a GoFundMe, but you may be unable to raise the amount you need.

The good news is that Uber carries $1 million in liability insurance. The bad news is that their corporate lawyers have Uber well-insulated from accident claims.

Hand holding a black cell phone. Uber App open

When the Uber Driver Is to Blame

All Uber drivers are required to purchase their own car insurance. However, in most Uber accidents in Southern California, you’ll be able to file an insurance claim against Uber directly.

Here’s a look at how many personal injury cases involving an Uber driver play out:

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  • Filing a claim against the Uber driver: This claim is often quickly rejected because many insurers won’t cover accidents that happen while their policyholders are on the clock for Uber. Even when the driver’s insurance is eligible, it’s still likely the personal coverage will have low policy limits. This means you will only earn so much in an injury claim. You may still have bills left unpaid after earning a settlement check. If your claim is rejected or the initial policy limits are exhausted, you could still bring a claim against Uber’s insurance.
  • Filing a claim against Uber: When you are riding in an Uber car and are injured, Uber’s insurance provider can award up to a million dollars to victims. Your award would depend on the severity of your injuries and your other economic and emotional hardships experienced in recovery. Uber passengers must be cautious during this process. Uber has teams of accident lawyers all trained to question the seriousness of your injury and to limit the compensation you receive. Investigating certain details of whether you were inebriated or if wearing seatbelts might affect your compensation. Having a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer on your side, combating every insurance tactic can prevent you from losing thousands of dollars in settlement money.

When Another Driver Hits Your Uber Ride

As an Uber passenger, you are pretty much helpless when your driver causes an accident or when another driver crashes into the Uber vehicle. No matter who is to blame, you are the innocent victim, and you deserve full injury support as you heal. The responsible driver’s auto insurance is responsible for paying for your recovery. Unfortunately, an at-fault driver’s policy can come up short when held against your stack of medical bills.

In the Los Angeles area, there’s also a chance that your accident could involve an uninsured driver. Over the past several years, the rate of uninsured drivers has skyrocketed. There was an incident where a Los Angeles Uber driver was killed by a DUI driver while the passenger inside the Uber ride was injured. Another example of this is when a BMW slammed against a Prius Uber driver.

Thankfully, California Vehicle Code Section 5430 protects Uber passengers in accidents involving uninsured motorists. The changes in the law mean that Uber also must carry $1 million in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

If another driver’s insurance coverage isn’t sufficient for the victim’s recovery costs, passengers can file a claim against Uber’s $1 million policy. Victims may also call upon Uber coverage if the driver is found to have no insurance. Uber drivers also enjoy this uninsured motorist protection from Uber.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer After a Los Angeles Uber Accident?

Uber’s level of coverage is impressive, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see automatic compensation for your injuries. Uber’s lawyers and insurance adjusters may work to reduce the support you receive as much as possible. They may question whether your injury is a pre-existing condition.

They may also ignore your claim as long as possible. As you wait without any confirmation, their insurance representatives hope you get desperate as your bills accumulate. When you are at your wit’s end, they like to then extend a “lowball offer” hoping you’ll be worried enough to accept anything.

Your Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer has experience with these tactics and takes on Uber for you so that you are free to focus on healing.

Graphic showing rideshare app on phoneWhat Kinds of Things Can Earn Compensation in an Uber Accident Settlement?

When filing an injury claim with Uber, it’s critical to make sure every hardship the victim has endured is listed. If a victim forgets to add something to their settlement claim, they cannot go back and ask for it after the fact.

An experienced Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer will be able to account for every financial obstacle you will encounter during your recovery.

These are just a few of the damages that can factor into an insurance settlement:

  • All medical invoices and bills are expected in the future.
  • Expenses associated with a permanent physical injury over a lifetime.
  • Physical pain endured and emotional trauma suffered.
  • Lost wages.
  • Wrongful death damages for applicable family members

Uber Security Measures for Passengers in an Accident

Uber wants to keep passengers as safe as possible. The Uber App contains several safety features to protect riders and drivers from unsafe situations.

The Uber app offers an “emergency 911 button.” To reach it, just tap the little blue shield icon on your screen to open up the safety tool kit. Select the “911 assistance” button. Then on the next screen swipe to call 911. In some areas, the app even alerts operators to your location.

The safety tool kit also features an option to send vehicle information to loved ones so they may follow your ride progress on their phones.

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