Snapchat Accidents This will be an ongoing and updated list of accidents involving the social app Snapchat.

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Car Accidents Involving Snapchat

February 6, 2016: Teen rolls car in Southern Washington while using Snapchat. Full story on NBC4i

December 2015: 3 young women who died may have been using Snapchat. ABC6

September 10, 2015: Atlanta GA, an 18yr old teen was possibly trying to get a speed filter of 100MPH+ with Snapchat when she crashed into a Mitsubishi causing severe traumatic brain injury. This is being disputed.

July 2015: Snapchatter does 111MPH and flips car. This “My Story” was actually snapped onto Snapchat as it happened. The driver is distracted by their cell phone and taking pictures of their face, tongue, and speedometer seconds before they wrecked. Here’s their actual snaps as they were involved in the accident (and you can read more here):

Fatal Accident in Manchester England: Snapchat user posting snaps at 142MPH blows through a red light the next morning doing 80 and rips an Audi A5 in half, killing the Audi’s driver. Story and pictures.

Snapchat video of an accident: We’re not sure if this one is a real Snapchat video or not, but the driver is definitely distracted.

Snapchat video using speed filter.

180KMH on the Snapchat filter on this one. Snapchat offers various “filters”. One of these filters allows users to overlay the current speed of their cellphone on to their images or video and sometimes users use that and cause accidents. This user was doing 180KMH shortly before they wrecked: