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Selecting a Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer

The Law Offices of Steers & Associates In Los Angeles, CA, has experience representing clients who have suffered brain injuries and know what it takes to overcome the tactics of the insurance companies. If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury due to someone else’s negligence, it is imperative that you retain an experienced brain injury lawyer today for help. Our veteran attorneys are dedicated to helping brain injury victims recover from their horrific injuries as smoothly as possible.

The Law Offices of Steers & Associates in Los Angeles, CA offer our legal services with traumatic injury cases on a contingency-fee-basis. When a settlement for damages is secured, legal fees for the law firm will be covered by an agreed upon percentage of that financial compensation to the client. If you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic injury, contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation.

What is Traumatic Brain Injury?
When do Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur?
Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms
How are claims determined?
TBI experts and specialists
Selecting a Los Angeles Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer
Traumatic Brain Injury FAQ

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What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury is an injury that can affect a person’s cognitive functions due to some head trauma or a blow to the head. It can include various symptoms ranging from fatigue and headaches, all the way to memory loss and other physical, behavioral, and emotional difficulties.

brain injury imageWhen Do Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur?

Traumatic injury cases can occur in different ways. The injury can occur when an external force impacts the brain. The severity of the injuries and head trauma depends on the mechanism that caused the injury.

These brain injuries can be caused by auto accidents, falls, assaults, sports activities, or other mechanisms of impact. Although the level of severity may vary, any injury should be taken extremely seriously as the brain is essentially the most important organ in the human body and immediate medical care should be sought.

Sometimes people don’t realize the long-term effects right away. It can be very difficult to assess the full extent of the personal injury at first, or they don’t see the proper specialists for a while. They may not realize that their injuries are more involved than just a headache or a concussion. In such situations, the injured person may not realize why they’re having certain changes or difficulties in their life until later.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms and Effects

A wide variety of symptoms may be experienced by someone with this type of injury, not limited to, but possibly including:

  • Loss of consciousness varying in time
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble balancing
  • Lack of coordination
  • Fatigue
  • Mood changes
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Unconsciousness
  • Confusion
  • Blurred Vision
  • Incoherent speaking

The effects of this injury can be many and can include:

  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Physical difficulties
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Social difficulties
CT Scan Brain Image

The brain CT scan is a good investigation method to diagnose intracranial lesions after a traumatic accident or personal injury.

How Are Claims Determined?

In determining the value of a brain injury claim, various factors must be considered including: establishing the basis for the at fault party’s liability, the nature and extent of injuries sustained to the brain including future prognosis and necessity of further treatment, and the existence of and the amount of applicable insurance coverage that may or may not be in effect to cover the loss.

Some of the types of damages that may be the proper basis for compensation to personal injury victims can include the following:

  • Medical bills incurred including but not limited to: emergency room bills, ambulance bills, doctor bills, x-ray bills, MRI bills, CT-scan bills, cost of other diagnostic studies, neurologist bills, surgery costs including the surgeon’s charges and the facility’s charges, and physical therapy bills.
  • Future medical bills that will be incurred based on needed future medical treatment related to the brain injuries suffered. If the injuries sustained are serious enough, a life care plan may be necessary to calculate the cost of care for the rest of the injured person’s life.
  • Loss of earnings due to missed time from work and/or gainful employment due to the brain injuries sustained. This also includes earnings that will be lost in the future due to limitations and/or inability to earn the same income.
  • Impaired earning capacity due to brain injuries sustained.
  • Pain, suffering, grief, anxiety and inconvenience both past and future due to brain injuries sustained.
  • Loss of consortium damages can be claimed by the injured person’s spouse for the loss of the injured person’s love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, moral support as well the loss of the enjoyment of sexual relations.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Experts And Specialists

Since personal injury victims often have serious and long lasting effects due to their head and spinal cord injuries, it is often necessary to utilize numerous specialists and experts to help establish the scope and extent of damages to the quality of life. Examples of such experts in the Los Angeles brain injury context are:

  • Medical and related experts such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuropsychiatrists and neuropsychologists.
  • Life care plan specialists.
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists.
  • Forensic economists.

The Los Angeles brain injury attorney team at the Law Offices of Steers & Associates apply a dedicated and personal approach to assisting those who have suffered from an accident due to someone else’s negligence. Our Los Angeles brain injury attorneys are veterans in trial law and approach the legal process as something we can control, not the daunting development that most of our clients envision when we meet. Our brain injury lawyers provide calculated and strategic experience that allows us to deliver the proper settlement from the responsible party, their insurance company, or broadened financial sources.

The Los Angeles brain injury lawyers in our personal injury law firm are practiced and analytical in their research and development skills, which allow us to absorb each particular detail and circumstance of your case, its cause and ramifications. Armed with this intelligence, our Los Angeles brain injury attorney team are able to face any corporate lawyer with precision and a team of insurance company lawyers with confidence. The Los Angeles brain injury attorney team at the Law Offices of Steers & Associates will aim to transfer you and your family’s heartache, pain and suffering, quality of life, lost wages, and physical infliction into a winning case against the negligent party and their trial lawyers.

Our goal is to provide a dedicated resource of confidence and positivity to the brain injury victims we represent, so they are able to focus on healing and getting their lives back. As their families are able to relax knowing that someone is going to bat on their behalf, we concentrate on success in the form of financial compensation.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Entitled To Compensation For My Brain Injury, Or One Suffered By A Family Member?

People who have suffered brain injuries can be entitled to compensation by showing that their injuries were caused due to wrongful and/or negligent conduct of someone else. If that is the case, compensation may be awarded for their medical bills and the cost of future medical treatment.

Lost earnings may also be compensable, as well as future lost earnings or impaired earning capacity. Any pain and suffering, grief, lost wages and anxiety related to the brain injuries suffered in the incident or event could also be compensated in the form of money damages.

The injured person’s spouse can also seek to recover loss of consortium damages, which is measured by looking at the harm caused on the marital relationship due to the injuries suffered by the injured person.

Of course, if the person dies from their injuries then that could be a wrongful death case. In a wrongful death case, the appropriate surviving family member or members can bring an action for the loss of the society, affection, and companionship of the deceased. Essentially, the measure of damages is determined by looking at the relationship that they no longer have with the deceased person who suffered death due to the wrongful action of some other person or party.

How Much Money Is A TBI Case Typically Worth?

Every case is different. It depends on the damages and injuries to that particular person. It also depends on who the claim is being made against, how deep their pockets are as far as how much insurance coverage they have, or if they’re a company or person with assets.

The greater the harm caused to the injured person, the greater the potential value of his or her case. This is because the greater the harm, the greater the loss. From day one on our free consultation, we focus on the particular person by looking at what harms and losses they have sustained. Of course, in every case, you have to prove that the other party or person is legally responsible is the cause of the harm and losses.

If I’m Injured And Had A TBI, Who Will Pay For My Medical Expenses?

If you can show that the TBI was caused by somebody else’s wrongdoing and that person has a significant insurance policy or is a company with sufficient financial resources, or if the injured person has their own applicable insurance, then that can possibly cover some or all of the damages.

If the injuries are caused by somebody else, and they were in the course and scope of employment when the incident happened, then the employer could be held responsible. The responsible parties have to pay, basically. One limitation on that is if there’s not enough insurance coverage or assets of the responsible party. Then that could create a problem in realistically being able to recover the full value of the case.

Generally, under the law, if you break it, you’re responsible for paying, so to speak. If you’re responsible for causing harm to somebody else, then legally you should be held responsible for whatever the harm is.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions That People Have About TBI Cases?

Some people may not always know why they’re having cognitive, emotional and/or social difficulties. The extent of impairment can be established in certain cases through medical experts and other experts in order to show that such symptoms and difficulties are related to a TBI.

Are Experts Necessary In All Traumatic Brain Injury Cases?

Every case is different but various types of experts are commonly used. A neurologist can give an evaluation of the person’s condition or complaints. A neurosurgeon may be needed to perform a surgery.

A neuroradiologist may be utilized to analyze abnormalities using neuroimaging techniques. Neuropsychiatrists and neuropsychologists have their own specialized areas of inquiry. It just depends on the particular situation. Liability experts such as an accident reconstructionist or a safety engineer may also need to be retained depending on the facts.

How Do You Establish Liability In These Types Of Cases?

To win an injury case and receive money damages in Los Angeles, you need to establish liability first –that the other person and/or parties caused the harm. Establishing this is fact-specific on a case-by-case basis. Basically, you need to show that the Defendants failed to act in a reasonable manner and that their failure to do so caused harm to the injured person. There are also situations where a Defendant intentionally causes harm.

What If We Have A Child That’s Suffered A TBI? How Would The Process Differ?

The process has similarities to an adult that has suffered an injury in the sense that there needs to be appropriate medical treatment and expert evaluation and testing done to help establish the limitations and harms sustained from the blow to the head and the functions that the person is no longer able to perform.

Children have a longer life expectancy than adults. Children with brain injuries could potentially be entitled to large money damages depending on the severity of their injuries and the future treatment and care required due to the injuries.

What Are Some Of The Immediate Steps That Someone Could Take If They Have Been Hurt In A TBI?

If someone is experiencing symptoms that are consistent with a traumatic brain injury, then they definitely need to seek out appropriate medical treatment as soon as possible.

Also, of course, if the trauma or event that is causing these problems was from an incident caused by someone else’s wrongful or negligent conduct, then we would always recommend the injured person talk to our Los Angeles brain injury attorney team to see if they have a viable claim.

What Would You Say Are The Most Common Types Of Brain Injuries?

They can range from mild and/or moderate to severe. It just depends on the nature of the trauma and the event that caused the trauma.

It should be noted that even a so-called mild traumatic brain injury can still result in cognitive and behavioral issues that can really impact someone’s life.

Are There Other Physical Impairments As Well That Can Go Along With Both Mild And Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Yes, physical impairments can certainly be present as well.

There can be physical injuries and impairments both in so-called mild traumatic cases as well as severe traumatic injury cases. The extent and scope of such injuries vary because every person is different and every person’s brain is different. The impact of a traumatic event on one particular person and the effects on that person’s brain can be very different from that on another person.

Based On What We Know About The Brain And Awareness, Can A Brain Injury Result In Permanent Injuries For An Individual?

It can be permanent for some people, of course, depending on the mechanism of the impact on the brain – the external force, the impact to the brain that caused the problems – whether that’s due to auto accidents, or to falls, or assaults, or other mechanisms of impact.

Because the brain is such a unique organ, if there’s damage there then a person’s functions may never be quite the same. There are different therapies that may be available to try to have the person function as best or as normal as possible after trauma. That’s what makes certain traumatic brain injury cases very tragic with treatment being a necessity for the rest of the injured person’s life.

Do You Only Represent Clients In Los Angeles?

We represent TBI clients anywhere in California. That said, many of our clients are here in Los Angeles or the nearby cities of Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Glendale, Downey, West Covina, Lancaster, Palmdale, Burbank, Santa Clarita, El Monte, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Fontana, Torrance, Long Beach, Riverside, San Bernardino and around Southern California.

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