If you have been involved in a car wreck in the Los Angeles area, if you were involved in a car accident with a company like Doordash, or even outside of the area and need assistance recovering lost wages, contact us today for a free consultation.

An attorney is not needed in every case, however we can examine your situation and in many cases we can help you obtain significantly more compensation for your lost wages and injuries.

Lost wages after a car accident

Wages are lost during hospital stays, during healing time, during doctor’s visits, when a job is lost and future income are all types of wages which are lost after a car accident.

In Los Angeles and all over the world, an accident which leaves you injured quite often means you will be unable to make it to work. People who don’t show up are unfortunately replaced on some occasions. Other times, an injured individual may be unable to perform the job they once held or need significant amounts of therapy in order to recuperate. Future income / lost earnings are at stake. Getting compensated for lost earning capacity is no easy task.

Allen Vaysberg Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyer

An experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help

An attorney who specializes in car accident claims will take a close look and assess your injuries and come up with a timeline for your potential recovery. If you have long term injuries or a full recovery is not expected these will have an impact on your income in the future. In cases like this your attorney will consider your limitations, examine promotion possibilities and forecast what your income would have been without the injury.