Amazon is on a mission to get packages from its suppliers to the customer’s door all in a day in some cases and delivered entirely by Amazon. While this is great for customers, it can be dangerous for motorists and pedestrians out on the streets.

As of January 2020, Amazon is delivering almost half of its own packages according to a report from CNBC. At present, Amazon is using two methods of delivering their package the “last mile” or from the local hub to the front door: Amazon Partners and Amazon Flex drivers.

Amazon partners operate as independent contractors each with a fleet of 20 to 40 dark grey Amazon Prime vans. The “partner” operates the business as a franchise and delivers Amazon’s packages.

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The Amazon Flex model uses individual contractors who use their own vehicles and follow the ride-share model. They get qualified, download the app, and start delivering packages.

Who Pays if You Get Hit by an Amazon Delivery Vehicle?

By using independent contractors, Amazon is attempting to take the liability for its off of their shoulders and onto someone else. This makes suing Amazon difficult. The contractors have insurance, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Amazon’s current program is putting a lot of pressure on their Flex and Partner drivers to deliver a large number of packages in a short time. This is a recipe for accidents as the delivery drivers are given the incentive to take shortcuts, run red lights, and speed through parking lots.

What Do I Do If I’m Hit by an Amazon Van or Flex Vehicle?

The likelihood of getting hit by an Amazon delivery driver increases almost every day with Amazon doubling its efforts to dominate the package delivery business. If you’ve been injured by an Amazon delivery driver, you need to speak to an attorney right away.

Some victims didn’t even know it was an Amazon package delivery driver that hit them. Flex drivers have no markings on their car or their clothing, so. If you get hit by anyone, check to see where they work and if they were delivering packages for Amazon.

Causes of Amazon Delivery Accidents

With Amazon touting its free 2-day shipping, which has not become 1-day shipping if ordered by a certain time of day, the pressure is high for the drivers is to go faster, deliver more and let the insurance companies fight over who pays the damages. Because of this, local communities are seeing Amazon delivery drivers causing all sorts of accidents, and some of the more common causes are:

  • Running Red Lights
  • Speeding
  • Cutting Through Parking Lots
  • Blowing Through Stop Signs
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Reckless Driving
  • Failure to Yield

Unfortunately, this translates into serious injuries for many innocent motorists and pedestrians out in the community.

If you’ve been hit by an Amazon delivery vehicle, you need to talk to an attorney that can hold the right people responsible for your injuries and suffering. You need to get your missed time from work pay and all of your copays and co-insurance payments reimbursed. You need someone on your side.

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