Personal Injury Testimonials

“I was in a car accident on the 10 freeway with a friend on the way to my birthday dinner. We ended up being rear ended and my car was totaled. Allen immediately made us feel at ease and answered all of our questions, helping us make a well-educated decision in what our legal options were. I ended up getting treatment which greatly reduced the pain in my back from the accident. In addition my friend and I were handsomely compensated as well. Definitely recommend him.”T. (A Car Accident Client)

“Allen was a great attorney and I felt that he actually cared about my concerns and needs. He made himself available to me and that I’d easily recommend him to my loved ones.”A.C.

“I would recommend Allen to other family members as well as friends. He was kind and communicated professionally the entire duration of our case.”C.C.

“I would give Steers & Associates 5 out of 5. Anyone with an accident or personal injury should definitely check them out!”D.H.

“The attorneys who represented our case were very professional, prompt, caring, positive, exact and very candid. They made the whole experience through the legal battle seem very pleasing, and we were very satisfied with the results. I would, and as a matter fact, I have highly recommended this law firm and the attorneys to my friends and colleagues. Great experience, noble attorneys and an ideal staff!”F.M.

“I would recommend their services to everyone I know that would need their services, they know what they’re doing and it’s not just all business to them; they truly care for their clients!”G.G.

“An attorney who always brings personal attention to every detail of the case. Willing to communicate to you and answers all of your questions. Very prompt and easy to reach.”I.B.

“My experience was awesome! Allen was always very helpful patient and did his best to answer each every question.”L.C.

“I recommend Steers & Associates to all my friends and family. My experience, and their professionalism, was what I needed in a tough time. My attorney, Allen, worked dilligently on my case and fought to obtain a favorable settlement. I appreciate all his efforts.”R.H.

“My accident was something I would not wish on anybody, but if one ends up experiencing what I did then they would surely appreciate the personal attention that Steers & Associates gives to their clients. Everything was taken care of for me. I was very happy with the results.” – G.B.

“My ankle was fractured from falling into a hole at a recreational facility, the owners were aware of the problem and hadn’t done anything about it. Steers & Associates discovered this fact and successfully pressed hard for coverage of all my medical bills and fair compensation.” – J.L.

“I was hit by a car while crossing the street. Steers & Associates handled my case. It took a lot of good work by the attorneys; in the end they got a settlement for the maximum amount of the insurance policy. Very sharp attorneys with a lot of heart.” – B.R.

“My case was complicated. Steers & Associates took it anyway, bringing in all their experts, finding witnesses, taking many legal depositions, and in the end forcing the other party’s insurance company to settle for 75 times (!) the amount they offered me at the start.” – K.V.

“What a difference a good law firm makes. I was in an accident years ago and it took forever for me to receive my settlement. This time on a recommendation of my family attorney, I had Steers & Associates handle my case…they were extremely professional, nice to deal with, and brought the case to a finish as fast as possible. I strongly recommend this law firm.” – J.C.

“My entire family owes a debt of gratitude for the way Elena, Allen, and the whole legal team at Steers & Associates took care of our case. Our car was quickly repaired, the medical attention we received was very thorough, and the settlement was way more than we expected. The firm watched over us every step of the way. Thank you!” – A.S.

“I’m not sure if there are very many attorneys who would have spent the time taking on an accident case such as ours. There were multiple cars involved and it was hard to pinpoint who exactly was at fault, Allen Vaysberg at Steers & Associates took our case and proved that the other drivers were at fault. What’s more, all of our needs, including medical, car rental and car repairs, were taken care of in addition to us getting a fair settlement from the insurance company.” – R.B.

“I picked Steers & Associates to represent me with my accident case because my sister had used them before and spoke highly about the results they got for her. Sure enough, the same thing happened with me. Great group of professionals, no attitudes, caring, genuinely interested in how I was doing.” – V.B.

“I was in an accident where my car was totaled. I hired Steers & Associates based on the recommendation of a friend and they did not disappoint. The firm was very fast in answering all my calls and emails. They also got me the maximum settlement from the other person’s insurance and then got me compensation from my insurance too.” – J.S.

“The attorneys and staff at Steers & Associates really care. They worked hard to get me a good result. I am happy to recommend them to other people I know who need help.” – O.P.

“Thanks Allen for all the work you and your team provided on my case. The accident turned my world upside down, Steers & Associates made everything right.” – G.D.

“I highly recommend Steers & Associates to anyone who needs an accident attorney. They made sure that my car repairs were taken care of by the other driver’s insurance company and that my rental was covered.
Most importantly, they helped me receive the best medical care possible for my injuries and I was very satisfied with the settlement that Allen was able to obtain for me for my injuries.”
– E.M.

“Great job. I was very happy with the results Steers & Associates got on my case.” – P.M.

“I have referred a bunch of my friends and family to Steers & Associates after they took care of my accident case. When I had questions, my attorney got back to me within 24 hours which was important to me. The people that I referred to them told me they were happy too.” – G.V.

“The insurance company of the guy who hit us fought hard to not cover our expenses and give us a fair settlement. You and your staff were fantastic helping my family receive the care we needed and the settlement we deserved.” – J.L.

“A positive attitude…that’s what I appreciated the most. Everyone was really supportive, answering all my calls and many questions. The healing process was painful, but the legal results made me happy. I won’t hesitate for a minute to recommend Steers & Associates to anyone.” – E.S.

“When I was injured, I didn’t know what to do next. Luckily I decided to hire Steers & Associates, they told me what to expect. The process took a while because we had to file a lawsuit to get the right compensation. Allen Vaysberg, my attorney, was with me every step of the way.” – T.W.

Bankruptcy Testimonials

“Very knowledgeable, warm and welcoming staff. Everyone showed the best side of their professional demeanor from their attire to the knowledge of your particular case. Very prompt return calls and communication in general.” – N.A.

“You can be assured you will feel protected and well represented. Chances are you will come out looking better (in all respects) than you started with.” – F.P.

“I am very happy that I am working with Elena Steers and I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.” – F.T.

“I would highly recommend Steers & Associates to anyone who was having to deal with bankruptcy issues. They took care of things quickly for me and did all they could in order for the situation to work out in my favor.” – D.A.

“In the last few years I’ve had the misfortune of needing the services not only Steers & Associates’ help but also other attorneys. So in general I would advise my friends to find an attorney – like S&A – which is available to answer questions and does so spending the time needed to explain everything fully. Clients need to learn and understand matters that are completely foreign to them quite often, and it is unfortunate that most attorneys are so busy as not to be able to spend the time, resulting in endless frustration for clients who – when answers come in the form of short phrases which result in more doubts than answers – feel they are “imposing” on the attorney’s time. It was not the case with Steers & Associates. They were always very courteous and available. So if you can’t expect attorneys to relate to the complete lack of knowledge of an issue that a client may have and give them all the information at the outset, at least make sure you find an attorney who will answer any and all questions you may have at any time. Steers & Associates did that for us, and helped us to feel comfortable throughout the ordeal, so kudos to them!” – D. C.

“Having a new home that got turned upside down on me, a struggling business, a son in college, it reached at Painful point where I didn’t Know what in the world to do. Elena’s calm and careful breakdown of my different options helped clear my mind. We were able to save our house, the removal of credit card debit allow me to invest more in to the business, and my son’s education wasn’t interrupted, the firm has my highest recommendation. – S.T.

Thank you so much Allen for your understanding. I don’t know what I would have without being able to pay for your services overtime. My only regret is that I waited so long to finally sit down with you in the first place. Having this out of the way now has made a huge difference in our lives. I’m very great full for your attitude and service. – T.B.

“I was really worried about losing and was embarrassed to file for bankruptcy. Not only did I keep my house and car, but you also help me move on with my life. Thank you.” – M.T.

“Thank you for all your help and support. I could not have gotten through my situation without you. You were great!” – B.G.