If you have been injured on a stairway or stairwell in the Los Angeles or Southern California area and believe that someone’s negligence played a role in your injury contact me today for a free consultation.

Premises liability accidents

Injuries on stairways

Over 1 million people are inured on stairs every year and the injuries sustained from falling down stairs range from minor bruising to death.

Some of the most common injuries involve fractures of the foot, broken ankles, shoulder blade injuries, hip fractures and head and neck injuries.

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On some occasions people falling down the stairs are unable to stop themselves. This terrifying incident can result in multiple injuries, especially in children and in the elderly.

Negligence in stairway accidents

Determining liability in a slip and fall accident involves examining if the stairway was reasonably taken care of or not. Poor lighting and neglected repairs are common causes of injury which could have been easily prevented. Neglecting bulges in carpet, for example, is unreasonable and could have prevented an injury.

Common causes of injuries on stairways

Stairs in apartment complexes, hotels, retail stores, rental properties and other commercial buildings are neglected far too often. Some of the common injuries which can occur in stairwell accidents include:

  • Torn, broken, bulging areas of carpet, wood, metal or other faulty flooring material
  • Loose or rotted stair boards
  • Liquid spills on stairs, slippery stairs
  • Poor or inadequate lighting
  • Building code violations
  • Lack or railings or handrails
  • Improper stair height or depth or uneven stairs

California Building Code

The California Department of Industrial Relations describes slip resistance, stair height, stair width, rise and runs here, however, in the event of an injury or if you feel you may have a claim contact us for a free consultation. There are many exceptions and variations to building codes, many of which are difficult to understand.


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