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Premises liability accidents

Injuries on Stairways

According to the National Safety Council, over 1 million people are injured falling on stairs every year and the injuries sustained from falling down stairs range from minor bruising, and broken bones to death.

Some of the most common falling injuries involve fractures of the foot, broken ankles, shoulder blade injuries, hip fractures, and head and neck injuries.

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On some occasions people falling down the stairs are unable to stop themselves. This terrifying incident can result in multiple injuries, especially in children and in the elderly.

Negligence in Stairway and Fall Accidents

Determining liability in a slip and fall accident in Los Angeles involves examining if the stairs were reasonably taken care of or not. Poor lighting and neglected repairs are common causes of falling injuries which could have been easily prevented. Neglecting bulges in carpet, for example, is unreasonable and could have caused an injury.

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Prove Negligence in an Accident?

If a staircase has been negligently maintained, causing injury, you shouldn’t have to pay for your medical treatment. You should contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer about your stairs case in order to hold this at-fault party accountable. So, how exactly does a personal injury lawyer prove that commercial property owners failed to maintain their staircase in a safe way, helping you win your case?

First, your lawyer will compile as much evidence as possible and assess it to create a clear picture of what happened when you became injured. Common causes of a fall can occur because of a faulty banister, poorly maintained steps, inclement weather such as snow, sleet, or ice on the steps, or something else.

Your lawyer will look at the evidence, such as photos from the falling scene, security camera footage from the store you were at, or even your medical records, to paint the picture of how you were hurt. This evidence will be presented before a judge to prove that you are not at fault and that someone else is responsible for what happened to you.

If you reach a settlement agreement, but you feel that you did not get enough money from your stairs claim, our Los Angeles personal injury attorney team are willing to fight and stop at nothing to make sure you get as much money as you need to cover the cost of your accident-related falling expenses.

What Are Common Causes of Fall Injuries on Stairways?

Stairs in apartment complexes, hotels, retail stores, rental properties and other commercial buildings are often neglected. Some of the common injuries which can occur in many stairway accidents include:

  • Torn, broken, bulging areas of carpet, wood, metal or other faulty flooring material
  • Loose or rotted stair boards
  • Liquid spills on stairs, slippery stairs
  • Poor or inadequate lighting
  • Building code violations
  • Lack or railings or handrails
  • Improper stair height or depth or uneven stairs

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What Should I Do After Getting Into a Stairway Accident?

If you have sustained serious injuries you need to contact a personal injury firm in Los Angeles. A stairway slip is not to be ignored. It would be wise to file a premises liability claim in order to cover your out-of-pocket costs such as medical costs for common injuries.

First, the most important thing you can do after falling is to go to the hospital and seek medical care for what you have suffered. Even if your stairway slip injury doesn’t seem that serious right away, many falls cause injuries that can leave you in a dangerous condition. Many falls require extensive medical care.

Always be sure to visit the emergency room or a doctor’s office after falling on stairs with inadequate lighting or a fall because the stairs are in a hazardous condition or under inadequate maintenance.

Don’t worry about your possible bills because the management company or property owners who leave their stairs in dangerous conditions should be held liable for those they have injured. Your premises liability claim, filed by your lawyer, will help you offset the cost of this medical burden.

If you live in Los Angeles County or anywhere in southern California and need a fall lawyer all you have to do is call for a free consultation.

How Steers & Associates Can Help You Recover From an Accident

First, call our personal injury law firm for a free consultation. A stairway slip or a fall from the stairs is another kind of slip and fall, which falls under the context of a premises liability claim. As your fall lawyer, we will look at your injuries, the condition of the stairs on which you fell, and review your case to determine who is at fault in the situation.

For example, if handrails are broken or in an otherwise bad condition, the person who is responsible for maintaining the staircase could be found at fault for your fall.

Your fall lawyer in our law firm will look at the sum of your medical costs, as well as the sum of other expenses you accrued relating to the fall from the stairs or related injuries, and put together a slip and fall claim that involves the property owner’s insurance company. That way, we can hold the property owner at fault for what they caused you, and tally up a settlement that covers the cost of your medical expenses following the stair fall.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get From Falling on Someone Else’s Property?

There are many different types of compensation that a personal injury case can award a slip and fall victim. First, it’s important to know that the extent of your injuries and the type of medical treatment received will play a large role in determining how much money you can receive from a slip and fall claim.

Generally speaking, you can be awarded compensation for falling on the stairs of someone else’s property if you were injured and accrued medical bills. You can receive medical bill compensation and compensation for pain and suffering. You may also be able to receive relief for your missed wages you were not able to earn while you stayed home to nurse your injuries from your fall.

If you are reaching out to our law firm on behalf of a loved one who passed away, we will fight for you and your family’s right to wrongful death compensation that seeks to ease the pain of losing a loved one. It is only right that we compensate your family for the untimely and unfair loss of your loved one.

California Building Code

The California Department of Industrial Relations describes slip resistance, stair height, stair width, rise and runs here. However, in the event of an injury related to a fall accident or if you feel you may have a claim contact us for a free consultation. There are many exceptions and variations to building codes, many of which are difficult to understand.

For this reason, you must talk to a lawyer about your fall accident injury in your free consultation. The condition of the stairs will be an essential aspect in determining how much compensation you can be awarded.

Many Los Angeles personal injury lawyers claim to handle serious injuries caused by staircase accidents. But, not all premises liability lawyers are accustomed to taking on numerous cases that involve California building codes and broken stairs. A fall from the stairs is different from your average slip and fall, and an injury that results from staircase accidents is much different than a fall that occurs with slipping on flat ground.

For this reason, it is crucial that you contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for a free consultation immediately and that you are sure this firm has extensive experience helping clients with falls from the stairs and injuries like yours.

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