Everyone on the road is at risk for serious injury or death when a driver is impaired. Sometimes the person most at risk is a passenger in the car with the impaired driver.

If the driver hits another car or whether the driver has a solo accident, the passenger is at a high risk of being injured or killed.

DUI Solo Car Crash Kills Passenger in Inglewood

Inglewood police say that a combination of alcohol and drugs were possibly involved when a driver ran his car into a tree, killing a passenger in his car. The accident took place around 2:30 am at Manchester Avenue and 11th Avenue in Inglewood.

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The LA County Fire Department pronounced a male passenger dead at the scene, and the driver was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the crash. Police say that the man will be booked and charged after he leaves the hospital.

DUI Passenger Fatal Crashes

Once someone gets into a car with an impaired person, they are at risk of death or injury. When we hear about this, we might think that the passenger shouldn’t be getting in the car with an impaired driver in the first place. Driving under the influence almost always results in a tragic accident, in a Bakersfield DUI incident, only one was injured but there are some unfortunate cases that lead to fatal crashes.

While this makes sense, many times there are circumstances that at least partially understand:

  • The driver might have been the designated driver who decided to drink anyway.
  • The passenger simply didn’t know the driver was drunk.
  • The ultimate responsibility falls on the person holding the keys, not someone else.

DUI Passenger Crashes and Liability

There are many ways a passenger, and even a pet can be injured in a crash caused by an impaired driver. At the Law Offices of Steers & Associates, we’ve helped victims of a fatality where the driver was the cause and was impaired.

We understand how devastating this can be for the surviving family. In many cases, the driver of the car might be a family member or a close friend of the family. When this happens, sometimes the victims—which are the surviving close family members of the deceased—are reluctant to sue the driver.

This is understandable as you might want to maintain the relationship or just feel reluctant because it might look like money is more important. However, it wasn’t your fault that you lost a loved one, and in many cases, this puts the survivors at a significant financial disadvantage.

Remember, this is why the driver took out insurance in the first place. So call us today for a no-cost appointment to review your options and so you can ask questions about your rights.

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