snapchat logoSnapchat is exploding in popularity lately in Los Angeles and around the globe.

Every day, a new selfie filter is released.

What is a selfie filter you ask?

Snapchat allows people to take selfies but adds special animations to the selfies. These animations are called selfie filters.

Here are some celebrities using the filters:

Snapchat selfie filters started off with users puking rainbows, giving googly eyes, and making zombie faces. They have since moved on to new filters like the Cookie Monster or Heart Eyes filter.

To make these filters work, one must open the app, change to their front facing camera, get their face on the camera, tap the screen, wait for the app to home in on their face, then they need to scroll to the filter of choice and make a facial gesture of sorts. That is a significant amount of time.

Some drivers are almost addicted to this app. When a notification goes off they could be tempted to watch a snap and/or respond with a snap using a selfie filter while operating their car.

Anyone doing this while driving is going to be severely distracted and will very likely cause a crash that didn’t need to happen.

Just a few weeks ago a woman was sent to prison for killing someone while texting away.

Of course, any app can be used by a driver, not just Snapchat.

Hopefully an accident never takes place while someone is snapping.

To learn more about distracted driving and the accidents and injuries that occur from it feel free to visit my Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyer page.

Do you know anyone who was in an accident while using a selfie filter? If so please email us and tell us about it so we can add it to this article.