Older drivers drive during the day more often than at night, are less likely to drink and drive, and buckle up more frequently than the average adult. Still, people cause accidents, regardless of age.

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Sometimes older drivers cause accidents

Unfortunately, if nothing else kills us first, we get old. There is no beating it. Sometimes, older drivers often keep on driving much longer than they should; it is how they remain independent.  Nobody wants to quit driving.

While we have deep respect for older people and most have a right to drive just as you or I, there are some who cause accidents which could have been prevented. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 600 elderly are involved in accidents daily in the United States.

Eldery drivers cause accidents in a variety of ways including:

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How old is too old?

Every driver is different, however studies prove that at age 75 the risk of car accidents significantly increase and then rise sharply again at 85. The ability to drive isn’t necessarily determined by age but by physical and buy alprazolam for mental health. There are also options for self-driving cars like Waymo, which could be a good fit for aging loved ones.

If you have a loved one who should turn in their keys, take a look at this article, and if you’ve been in an accident please visit this page on selecting a car accident lawyer.