HOV CarpoolIf you were injured as a passenger in someone’s vehicle, you are almost always entitled to compensation for any injuries sustained in the accident. It is important to speak with an experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney such as myself who will review your case for free. Compensation often comes from one or more of the insurers.

Carpool and rideshare accidents are unfortunate but happen almost every day in Los Angeles. Sometimes there is one car involved. Sometimes there are multiple cars. Sometimes there is more than one passenger. Some are on 110, 105, 710, 10, or 605. Every case is very different.

Insurance companies are going to try to contact you very quickly. They often have their own best interests in mind. Depending on the type of injury you have, the settlement you receive can be significantly higher when an experienced attorney is involved. Settlement amounts are often calculated by the cost of medical treatment, and future medical treatments, damaged personal property, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

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Even if you are a coworker or friends with the driver of the vehicle, or they are just a friendly person you met on Carpoolworld, eRideShare, Uber, or RideMatch, lawsuits do not have to impact them personally as claims are typically against the insurance company. Again, all cases have several different variables and contributing factors, such as excessive speed in an HOV lane or Metro Expresslane.

Also, most carpool accidents in Los Angeles do not actually result in a lawsuit. Often, when a car insurance company is communicating with your attorney, a settlement is reached before an actual lawsuit is filed. Of course, a good personal injury lawyer will be ready to take a case to trial in the event it is necessary to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

If you were just involved in a carpool accident, or you feel that an insurance company is trying to take advantage of you by just paying some basic medical expenses, call us now. Compensation from settlements and lawsuits vary widely. One of our recent victims was awarded $1,150,00.00 recently. Without an attorney who offers personalized service and has their best interests in mind, the amount of money they received may have been much smaller.

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