police pursuitIf you have been injured by a driver fleeing from the police in Los Angeles or another part of California feel free to contact me for a free consultation. I am a personal injury attorney who has experience with auto accidents and the unfortunate results of them.

Police Pursuit Accidents

Unfortunately, not every motorist pulls over when they see flashing lights in their rear-view mirror. Some drivers become scared, have an outstanding warrant for their arrest, are driving while impaired, or have illegal drugs in their possession. Regardless of the reason, some drivers flee from police.

Unfortunately these drivers often travel at high rates of speed and with reckless behavior, blasting through intersections, crosswalks, stop signs, and red lights. With the adrenaline pumping, they may make a mistake and cause an accident. According to recent statistics from the FBI, over 300 people are killed each year during dangerous police chases.

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As discussed above, police chases are often at high speeds and often result catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths to completely innocent bystanders, pedestrians, and motorists. Injured police officers will not be able to sue during their duty, but if you, as a bystander have been injured in any way by someone’s reckless behavior call us now for a free consultation. You may also want to visit our page dedicated to Los Angeles auto accidents.

Below is a video from earlier in 2015 where a driver being chased by LAPD caused 6 collisions. This police chase resulted in accidents, vehicle theft, carjacking, and multiple injuries and spanned from Downtown LA into Motebello CA.