Los Angeles is a place famous for the rush of traffic and also the crawl of gridlock. Any driver can put you in danger of a frightening accident at any speed and in any situation.

Sometimes, a vehicle involved in a crash isn’t just the responsibility of the driver at the wheel. They could be on the clock for a rideshare company like Lyft. The questions always arise, how much damage are Lyft drivers responsible for and how much support is Lyft going to chip in?

These are important questions when you’ve been seriously injured while in the backseat of a Lyft vehicle or your car is struck by a Lyft driver. Can Lyft be counted on to provide a settlement check to help with your injuries? And if so, how much is a Lyft settlement?

How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

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How Much Is a Lyft Settlement?

An accident caused by a Lyft driver isn’t like a normal California freeway or boulevard collision. In a freeway accident, you’ll usually deal with one other driver’s insurance company. That can prove to be a headache in itself.

Unfortunately, a car accident with a Lyft vehicle might leave you dealing with two unhelpful insurance companies at once. What’s more, since Lyft is a giant company, they’ll also have a team of lawyers on standby ready to challenge your case and your injury. All of these insurance companies have one goal in mind: pay you as little as possible for your settlement.

Before you start this battle, you must understand the benefits available to you after a rideshare accident. The Law Offices of Steers & Associates in Los Angeles offer a free case evaluation to all victims and their families. Contact a skilled Lyft Accident Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible to set up a no-obligation information session.

Large group of cars on a highwayLyft Accident Dangers in Southern California

Lyft drivers are just as likely to cause car crashes as any other motorist. In fact, if you think about their job duties, it’s easy to see why their jobs might put them at even more risk for collisions. They can glance down at a notification or text and strike a pedestrian they didn’t see or knock a cyclist from the road.

Lyft is known to pay out substantial insurance settlements each year, even though Lyft tries to keep the actual values of its payouts under wraps.

These settlements are commonplace because their drivers must focus on too many duties while in the driver’s seat. Their drivers work from behind the wheel and that means they have no way of avoiding distractions. Those distractions begin with their cellphones because they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without them.

Here are just a few of the added attention grabbers Lyft drivers must contend with:

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  • Cruising for Customers: Lyft drivers are often forced to cruise the busiest sections of the city waiting for someone to hit up their app for a ride. This is added time for drivers out on the road. They’ll also be tempted to glance at those cellphones to see if they’ve missed anything.
  • Notification: A ride request comes along with an audio alert. Drivers will be glancing at the phone. They have a short time to either accept the rider and location or pass on the fare. It’s a decision that uses brain power that should be directed to the road ahead.
  • Locating the Passenger: Lyft drivers also use their cellphones to map out the best route to the riders and the fastest paths to their destinations. Drivers can be looking at street signs and their screens and miss your car coming to a stop in front of them.
  • Passenger Distraction: Riders crawl into the backseat ready to start a conversation. We can all have our attention drawn away from the lanes ahead by a passenger. However, a Lyft driver’s passenger is also a customer and that can bring extra stress and draw their thoughts from the traffic and pedestrians around them.
  • License to Drive Recklessly: In order to please a passenger, Lyft drivers could face the temptation to speed or cut off other drivers. This added pressure on an already distracted driver sends safety far down on the list of priorities at Lyft.

Does Lyft Provide Auto Insurance for Its Drivers?

Lyft does provide insurance coverage for its drivers, but you’ll have to be concerned about what the Lyft employee was doing at the time of the accident.

Can you sue a Lyft driver? Yes. Lyft drivers are required to carry their own car accident insurance. Lyft’s one-million-dollar insurance policy is intended to remain supplemental insurance. This means you’ll first have to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company. If that provider rejects the claim or doesn’t provide enough to cover your injuries, then you may file a claim with Lyft.

Lyft’s coverage only applies when its driver has the app open. When the Lyft app isn’t open and the driver isn’t looking for passengers, they are considered to be on personal time. Only their personal insurance policy would apply to Lyft accidents at this point.

When Lyft’s drivers are on the way to pick up a rider or have a rider in the Lyft vehicle, that one-million-dollar protection for Lyft accidents victims is active. When a Lyft rider is on the road without anyone scheduled for pick-up, the limit of coverage tops out at $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident.

To find out more about the auto insurance companies Lyft utilizes in California you can check out their insurance page.

Person driving a carCompensation After a Lyft Settlement

Average Lyft accident settlement amounts depend on all of the above factors and much more. Each case is different but there a few certain details that greatly affect the amount filled in on a Lyft accident settlement check.

  • The total on hospital care, medical bills, physical therapy, medical expenses, and travel costs to appointments. This involves the severity of the injury and the length of recovery. If a victim faces a permanent disability, the potential for a lifetime of care needed can send a Lyft accident settlement even higher.
  • The total on the lost wages suffered while in recovery and away from work. This may include an estimate on the victim’s earning potential over a lifetime if the victim is never able to return to a previous career due to a long-term injury.
  • The limits on a driver’s and Lyft’s insurance policies.
  • The skill of your attorney. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer with experience in dealing with corporate lawyers and insurance company adjusters will easily recognize the tactics they’ll use against you. Your lawyer will know when you aren’t being treated fairly and demand more in compensation so that you have everything you need to cover medical bills and rebuild your life after a bad Lyft accident.

Examples of Lyft Accident Insurance Settlements and Verdicts

Lyft accident settlements and verdicts earn victims a full range of monetary awards. Lyft settlements and verdicts can range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

At the Law Offices of Steers & Associates, we’ve helped many rideshare accident victims in Los Angeles and Southern California earn what’s fair from companies like Lyft and Uber.

Here are just a few of the recent claims we’ve handled:

  • $250,000 Lyft Settlement: A Lyft driver’s negligence caused serious harm to a client in another vehicle. Lyft made an initial offer that was much lower than what the victim needed in recovery. The case was resolved multiple times over the deal Lyft initially extended.
  • $190,000 Uber Settlement: A client was a passenger in an Uber vehicle involved in a carpool accident. The victim was injured, and the Uber driver was proven to be to blame for the accident.

For more examples of the results Steers & Associates has been able to secure for car accident victims, look over our past cases.

The back of a car with a red lightWhat to Remember When You Call Lyft After an Accident

You may dial the Lyft 24-hour Emergency Service soon after a collision caused by one of their drivers. It’s important to remember that you will be recorded on this call.

  1. Avoid accepting any blame for your accident. You could say you were partially at fault in a collision, only to have a police officer show that the rideshare driver was 100% responsible for what happened. Now Lyft has you recorded saying that you were to blame or partially to blame. They’ll use this admission to try to limit the amount of support you receive in a Lyft insurance settlement.
  2. Avoid commenting on how badly you are hurt. Let paramedics and your own doctor determine this. You might say that you are “okay.” But in the shock of an accident, the pain might be masked. It may not be until the next morning that you realize something is very wrong. Don’t give Lyft or an insurance representative a way to minimize your injury and reduce your compensation.
  3. Do take photos on the scene after you’ve called 911. Show the damage to cars, visible injuries, and property damage. Take pictures of lanes markings and traffic signs on the scene. Get contact information from witnesses. This will all help you build a strong case that Lyft won’t be able to reject.

Contact a Lyft Accident Lawyer Serving Los Angeles Victims

Traffic accidents in Southern California are scary enough. When your injury was suffered due to the carelessness of a Lyft driver, earning financial help just becomes more frustrating. Insurance companies and corporate lawyers for Lyft can quickly work to discredit you and your injury simply to save their employer money.

Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney with the Law Offices of Steers & Associates law firm before you fall into their many traps. It’s a great opportunity to determine what your personal injury is worth and to learn how to demand fair treatment and receive prompt settlement checks from insurance companies like GEICO and Lyft.

Contact our law firm for a free case evaluation and strategy session for victims and their families. If you decide you’d like our law firm to represent your Lyft accident case, we don’t require any money upfront. Our law firm doesn’t earn any attorney fees unless we win your case.