If a loved one was killed in the Los Angeles or Southern California area by a negligent driver who is facing vehicular manslaughter charges, please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

While money will not bring back a loved one, compensation for loss of income, potential income, future earnings and loss of love and attention are just a few of the personal injury damages which may be available to survivors of the deceased.

Who can file a wrongful death claim?

When someone dies as a result of a wrongful act or negligence of another person or entity, certain parties are allowed to bring a wrongful death claim. These parties include a surviving spouse, domestic partner, or children. In some cases, parents or stepchildren or other financial dependents may be eligible for compensation as well. If you suspect that you may be compensated for damages contact us today for complete details; we will go over with you California’s current statutes and explain damages which are available and determine your eligibility.

How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

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Determining fault after a tragic accident

California is a “fault” state and an experienced car accident attorney will work to prove liability in the case. Sometimes fault is very straightforward and in other cases liability is more difficult to prove.

In Los Angeles and throughout the rest of California, when an auto accident results in a fatality the driver who caused the accident may be charged with vehicular manslaughter if negligence or gross negligence was involved. If a driver was speeding, texting, or drinking and driving they may receive such a criminal charge. Regardless of these charges, a qualified attorney should take a close look at the case to determine fault.

And do speak to an attorney before speaking to any car insurance company.