A hit and run is a devastating thing to go through. The injuries can be serious and bring pain and can be a significant disruption in the victim’s life. Then when the driver takes off, this adds to that anguish. The victim wants to know why the person didn’t stick around to help or leave their information.

Los Angeles is a highly-populated city, and many times, hit and run accidents involve more than one or two victims and the pain and anguish are spread around.

Multiple Victims Injured in Hit and Run in Wildomar

Five people—including children—were trapped inside their car after it overturned Saturday early morning on the 15 Freeway. According to the CHP, the driver that caused the accident fled the scene leaving the people to be freed by EMS.

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Witnesses say that a sedan was weaving and driving recklessly moments before it collided with the vehicle which then rolled over. Five people were injured and taken to a local hospital, and at least one victim was said to have suffered a traumatic brain injury. A similar case comes to mind when a driver injured multiple victims in Long Beach after it collided with another car.

Los Angeles: Hit and Run at Epidemic Level

In Los Angeles, there is a hit-and-run crash every 18 minutes translating into about 25,000 to 30,000 hit and runs accidents in Los Angeles. Hit and runs in the city make up a staggering 50 percent of all accidents, and the national average is only 11 percent.

Other Los Angeles hit-and-run statistics show how pervasive the problem is:

  • H&R crashes make up 11 percent of all reported accidents,
  • Around 25 to 30 people are killed in hit and run crashes each year in LA,
  • Almost 150 people are severely injured in LA in H&R accidents each year.
  • Pedestrians make up 60 percent of hit and run accident victims,
  • Twenty percent of all LA pedestrian deaths are H&R accidents,
  • H&R accidents account for 10 percent of all fatal injury accidents

Problems for Victims

The difficulty of a hit and run doesn’t end with the injuries and hospital visits. It also makes getting compensation for the victims a problem. Typically, a victim in an accident makes a claim against the insurance company of the at-fault driver. If the driver isn’t known, then it’s impossible to determine which insurance company is on the hook for the bills.

For some, this becomes an even greater problem if they don’t have health insurance or some way to pay for their injuries. If the victim has their own insurance policy, and if it has uninsured and underinsured motorist’s coverage, then this might cover the injuries for those victims.

One thing the victim can do is speak to an attorney to find out if there is any insurance or other sources of compensation that might help them with their financial losses.

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