If you are a plumber or other independent contractor that was injured on the job please feel free to contact me for a free consultation. I am an experienced personal injury attorney who has recovered millions for my clients in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

How plumbers and other contractors are injured on the job

On some occasions, the homeowner may have been negligent and contributed to your injuries. Every case is very different. If you have been injured speak to an attorney today.  There are several ways plumbers and other contractors are hurt on the job; these are just a few ways:

  • The homeowner forgot or neglected to tell you about mold, termites, or rotten wood which contributed to an injury.
  • Rickety stairs, loose railings, slippery floors.
  • A vicious dog or other animal bite
  • Personal tools. If a homeowner lent you a malfunctioning saw, or ladder that lead to an accident

If you are an employee who was injured

Your employer should have in place workers’ compensation, disability insurance, and general liability insurance coverage.

How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

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If you are injured on a plumbing job, you can pursue a claim against the third party that caused your injuries.

If there is no workers’ compensation insurance carried by your employer in violation of state law, and the employer was responsible for your injury, then you can sue the employer civilly.

Plumbing accidents are complex

As with any case, there are a lot of variables. Who was injured? How were they injured? Did they contribute to the injury? Of course, many people do not want to sue customers and employers, but if you have sustained a serious injury, getting the maximum amount of compensation available to you from insurance companies may require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.