Unfortunately, the majority of dog bites are on children. Quite often the dog that has attacked is a family dog. People and children are bitten when visiting family members and relatives.

Dog attacks often result in serious injuries, and in the worst cases, death. Some serious injuries from dog bits include disfigurement, fractured bones, scars, and nerve damage.

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Can I sue my own family members?

In most cases the homeowner’s insurance company is who ends up paying out the settlement. If you are visiting your mom, dad, aunt, or uncle and you are attacked by a dog, you can at least know that if it comes down to it you will likely not have to cost them a single penny.

Do I need a lawyer?

If getting compensation for injury claims were easy we’d be out of business. While some minor injuries can be settled by the average person, there are many aspects to each case. A personal injury attorney can usually find ways to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation available. Insurance companies do the opposite; they try to minimize payouts which affect their bottom line.

What if my relative says the dog attack is my fault?

In some cases a dog owner will accuse you or your child of provoking the attack. In many cases though it is the dog owner who was negligent and responsible.

Dog bite victims often suffer long after the attack

Nerve damage, chronic pain, deep scarring, nightmares, loss of consortium, the list goes on. In many cases a dog bite is much more than a trip to the hospital. An experienced personal injury lawyer will look at every angle possible and keep your best interests in mind.