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How people get injured by chainsaws

While many injuries are related to poor judgement, there are plenty of occasions where someone else may be held liable for your injuries. Some of these occasions include:

  • Reckless and negligent use by others injuring you
  • People who cut themselves due to a defective product or lack of instructions or warnings
  • Inadequate training or safety gear provided by employer

In a recent case, someone scared a house guest with a chainsaw. The guest was scared and ran into the street where they were hit by a truck. In a case like this the homeowner and their insurer may be held accountable.

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Chainsaw injuries

Kickback, pushback, pull-in, broken chains, and inadequate safety precautions contribute to the nearly 30,000 saw accidents each year.

According to Elvex, about 1/3rd of chainsaw accidents injur legs and knees, and another third is hand injuries. Other injuries include virtually all parts of the body such as the head, upper body / torso, shoulders and feet.

The average chainsaw accident results in 110 stitches. Just a 1 second touch of a saw can result in the chain’s teeth digging right into the bone.

Here’s a video which gives some chainsaw safety tips: