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Determining who is at fault after a car accident can be difficult. Without clear evidence of who is at fault, the other driver’s insurance company is likely to deny your claim. When that happens, finding an independent witness is the best way to get properly compensated.

In the event of a discrepancy between the involved parties on the events that occurred during a car accident, an insurance adjuster will turn to any available witnesses of the crash. Locating a credible and unbiased bystander that was preset at the time of the accident, and they can support your side of the story may be key to legitimizing your claim. Finding these kinds of witnesses can be difficult, but an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney can help.

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How to Locate Reliable Witnesses

Chances are, after a a serious car accident, you’re going to feel distraught and unfocused. You’re immediate attention should go towards any physical injuries that you or those around you may have sustained, and seeking out medical attention if necessary. Your next priority should be contacting the local law enforcement as soon as possible.

While the police are in transit, take a moment to look for any possible witnesses in the area. The best witness would be someone who is impartial, who has no relation or personal connection to any one involved in the accident, and with no personal interest in the outcome of the case.

Potential witnesses include:

  • Nearby bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Road, utility, or construction workers
  • Drivers and passengers of other nearby vehicles that weren’t involved in the accident
  • Customers, owners, or employees of nearby businesses
  • Nearby homeowners or residents that may have seen the accident
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If you’re able to find a witness, make sure to first exchange names and contact information, in case your conversation is cut short. If the witness seems cooperative, ask them to record a brief statement that describes the event in as much detail as possible. Modern cell phones make for very convenient video or voice recorders. Written statements are also useful, but make sure they are signed and dated at the bottom. An eyewitness can be very useful, but so can video surveillance footage. Nearby offices, stores and ATMs are all likely to have security cameras that may have recorded the crash.