Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) does not respond to all car accidents. LAPD responds to car accidents when there are injuries, reports of injuries, damage to city property, if someone is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or when one of the parties involved in the accident refuses to exchange information. Call LAPD to report the incident either way.

If LAPD does not respond

If police will not respond, exchange information (driver license information, registration, insurance information, and driver’s telephone number).

We also advise people to:

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  • Call police to report the incident via 911 or 1-877-ASK-LAPD. While police will not respond or create an accident report, you can still call it in. The lines are recorded and you will at least have some sort of documentation as to where and when the accident occurred.
  • Collect the names and phone number from witnesses
  • Take pictures
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Injuries after an accident

While you may feel fine immediately after an accident, injuries may present themselves hours or days later. These injuries could be anything from soft tissue injuries to a bone fracture. If you discover you’ve been injured after the accident, contact us for a free consultation on how to best proceed.