You may have recently heard Allen Vaysberg from The Law Offices of Steers & Associates on KJLH discussing auto accidents involving Caltrans or Uber vehicles.

The website mentioned on the air is “Steers Law Helps” ( If you missed that or had a question please feel free to contact Allen directly here at 800-824-5416.

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In case you’d like to listen to them once again, here are the audio clips:

Passenger injured in an Uber accident:

In this audio clip, Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer Allen Vaysberg discusses how someone was compensated by the at fault driver after being injured as a passenger in an Uber vehicle. You can read more about Uber injuries here:

Caltrans settlement:

In this audio clip Allen briefly discusses a Caltrans lawsuit. These are complex cases, which are as complex as Caltrans employees filing injury claims. You can read more about Caltrans lawsuits here :

A review from Jerry:

In this audio clip, Jerry, who was rear-ended, gives Law Offices of Steers & Associates a great review! You have to hear it for yourself:

Tips for Road Trips:

In this audio clip, Allen discusses road safety trips. He represented a client once who was rear-ended after his battery died. These are some great tips which should be considered by anyone hitting the road for a business trip or a vacation or who just wants to quickly take a look at some common car issues:

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