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What if I’m injured as a Lyft passenger?

This depends on who caused the accident. If another driver caused it, you proceed against that driver as you would in any other accident. If you’re injured in an accident that was the fault of a Lyft driver, the claim is made against the $1 million Lyft insurance policy.

Accidents often involve some sort of finger pointing. And sometimes it is valid; for example, both parties could be partially at fault for an accident.

How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

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As a passenger, it is highly unlikely that you had anything to do with the crash.

Do I need an attorney?

Any time there are serious injuries involved, it is strongly recommended that you speak to a local attorney who has experience with ridesharing and transportation network companies. An experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help you obtain significantly more for your injuries than you would receive without one. While Lyft is a neat service and has been reducing the number of DUI accidents on Los Angeles roadways, most insurers are going to pay out as little as possible for injuries.