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Tow trucks help us out when our vehicles are stranded, assist with cleaning up after accidents, recover vehicles for banks, and offer general vehicle transportation.

Tow trucks are operated by drivers for private businesses, repair shops, corporations, and government departments.

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Tow Truck Accidents

In Los Angeles and nationwide tow truck drivers are only human and sometimes cause accidents. Some factors which may contribute to an accident with another automobile include driver skill level, fatigue, unsafe tow trucks, negligence, poor weather conditions, reckless driving, speeding, tire blowouts, and lack of maintenance.

A boom tow truck, wheel lift, rollback, or flatbed truck accident can often be avoided with proper training and tow truck maintenance, all things tow truck drivers should know.

Tow Truck Injuries

Tow trucks are generally very heavy vehicles, especially if they have a vehicle in tow. The weight of the truck may contribute to injuries sustained by other drivers during a collision. Seat belt injuries, head, shoulder, and bone injuries are common, as are lacerations, whiplash, and brain injury.