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A sidewalk accident isn’t the harmless injury you think it might be. Even simple sidewalk accidents can result in serious injuries, broken bones — and subsequent high medical expenses. Fall and sidewalk accidents happen every day, so it is important to connect with a sidewalk injury attorney in Los Angeles who cares about a strong attorney-client relationship.

When fall and sidewalk accidents happen, someone needs to be held liable. Personal injury lawyers at our law firm can handle a sidewalk personal injury claim that involves tree roots, a cracked sidewalk, a defective sidewalk, or more. Even if you fell on an uneven sidewalk or another surface on private property, our personal injury team has the experience to help you recover from this accident and get the settlement you deserve.

Large crack in sidewalk

Cracked sidewalk in Los Angeles

Many sidewalks in Los Angeles present safety hazards which cause people to trip and fall. Determining who is liable for your sidewalk injuries may seem challenging, but never falsely assume that no one is to blame for your accident. Always call a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles and schedule a free case evaluation about your accident.

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An experienced sidewalk injury lawyer can advise you on who may be held accountable when an accident occurs, and will leverage state law and Los Angeles municipal code to demonstrate the wrong that was done to you.

Contact injury attorney Allen Vaysberg today with any questions you have about a sidewalk injury which occurred in Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles – Refusing to Pay Injury Claims

As with any injury claim, proving any negligence can be hard, but injured pedestrians in sidewalk accidents have an especially unique challenge. Southern California is notorious for the occasionally damaged sidewalk and is not exactly renowned for its sidewalk maintenance.

The first thing anyone injured on a sidewalk should be aware of is that proving negligence may be difficult and Los Angeles has a long history of denying claims. The NBC Los Angeles I-Team conducted an investigation called “Falling Through the Cracks: LA Refuses to Pay Claims for Injuries Suffered on City’s Broken Sidewalks”. In fact, the I-Team says “often the only way a pedestrian injured on a dangerous sidewalk can get the city liable to take responsibility is to file a lawsuit against the city”.

Here are some other interesting takeaways:

Los Angeles denied around 96% of people’s personal injury claims. As an injured victim, you need an experienced sidewalk accident lawyer who can take on the challenge of standing up to the state and county government on your behalf, as your case may be denied.

Additionally, Los Angeles refuses to pay fall accident claims even when legally responsible for the sidewalk injuries. Not every law firm has the skill and expertise to fight back against these denials, and enough knowledge about state and federal law to know when a refusal was unwarranted, but Steers Law Firm is uniquely equipped to help.

Los Angeles usually doesn’t notify people that their sidewalk injury claims have been denied and people sometimes miss the statute of limitations and run out of time to be compensated for their injury.

Because of the findings of this investigation, it’s important to be aware of the challenges your sidewalk accident case may be up against. When it comes to recovering after an injury and dealing with medical bills, don’t waste your time with a personal injury attorney who doesn’t have the skill to fight for your sidewalk injury claim. We can help you recover compensation, especially for a serious injury, and our team has the resources to stand up to Los Angeles county and get it for you.

Who Is Liable for Trip and Fall Accidents on Los Angeles Sidewalks?

According to California State Law, cities aware of cracked or buckled sidewalks who did not fix them may be able to be held accountable for injuries from the dangerous condition.

However, in some cases, the property owner who owns the land the sidewalk is on is responsible for the sidewalk.

Broken, buckled, and uneven sidewalks are an ongoing problem in LA. One of the issues is tree roots. Many property owners don’t want to pay for sidewalk repairs because the City of Los Angeles planted trees near them and now the roots are breaking some sidewalks. In other cases the trees were in place before the sidewalk was put in place and the city won’t fix the sidewalk defect, claiming the property owner’s tree is cracking the roots

As experienced premises liability lawyers, we will examine your case and hold all negligent parties responsible accountable for your injuries to get you the compensation you deserve.

Proving a Sidewalk Trip and Fall Accident Case

To prove a private property owner or the City of Los Angeles is liable for your trip and fall injury, you or your lawyer must prove that the City or property owner knew about or should have known about the dangerous condition and neglected to repair it. While many of these conditions are reported through Safe Sidewalks LA or MyLA311, chances are an experienced attorney can make the case that the City knew or should have known about the condition, especially with the number of people and city walking these sidewalks each and every day.

Safe Sidewalks LA – Making Sidewalks Safer

The City of Los Angeles has committed to spending $1.4 Billion over the next 30 years to improve sidewalk safety for all pedestrians through Safe Sidewalks LA, their sidewalk repair program. Priorities are likely sidewalks around parks, hospitals, businesses and sidewalks creating barriers for people with mobility disabilities.

As of August 2017, Safe Sidewalks LA repair program increased the amount residential and commercial property owners can receive through the City’s Rebate Program. That amount has been raised to $10,000. It was originally $2,000 for homeowners and $4,000 for commercial property owners.

What to Do After a Sidewalk Trip and Fall Injury

The most important step to take after a serious injury on a city sidewalk is to get medical attention. An uneven sidewalk can result in many injuries, from mild bumps and bruises to severe issues like traumatic brain injuries or spinal injuries that lead to chronic pain. By getting medical attention immediately, you can ensure your safety not just now, but moving forward as well.

The sooner you address your injuries sustained, the sooner you can get the treatment you need to recover. Additionally, going to the hospital or emergency room is the best way to ensure your injuries are documented and can be used as evidence in your impending sidewalk accident case.

Trip and fall injuries often result in a variety of injuries, from chipped teeth or broken noses to severe and traumatic injuries, so after the accident, it’s smart to take pictures of not just your injuries, but the conditions of the sidewalk, any street signs nearby, any hazards that contributed to your fall or otherwise cause the accident, and more. If the accident happened on a public sidewalk at night, be sure to use flash to get the clearest, most accurate photos for your case. Fall claims are strengthened when the evidence is strong.

All iPhones and Android phones have decent cameras. Take several pictures of the cracked, uneven, buckled or otherwise dangerous sidewalk condition which caused you to trip and fall, and present them to your Los Angeles sidewalk lawyer right away.

Obtain witness contact information if possible. Witness testimonials are strong evidence as they provide a first hand account of what exactly happened with the accident. If you’ve experienced any kind of injury from a sidewalk, from a minor broken bone to great bodily injury, it’s incredibly helpful to have a witness testimonial that can work toward proving negligence.

One of the most important steps to take is to call the Los Angeles sidewalk attorneys at Steers Law Firm. State law can be difficult to understand and decipher on your own, and a premises liability case or civil lawsuit is difficult to tackle without the help of an experienced attorney.

Our personal injury attorneys will give you a free consultation and, if applicable, will let you know the steps you can take to get the compensation you deserve, whether from an insurance company or the City. The personal injury consultation is free and there is no reason not to call. If our services are not needed you may still gain important information on how to proceed with your injury claim.

Sidewalk Trip and Fall Lawsuits and Settlements

Nobody wants to be injured but after an injury occurs. People should be aware of how this injury has affected them and how it will affect them in the future. The losses the injured are seeking compensation for are called “damages”. In a trip and fall case, damages recoverable include but are not limited to:

Medical expenses: Tree roots on a city sidewalk, a cracked sidewalk or other sidewalk defects can cause great bodily harm. Injury claims seek to compensate victims for their personal injuries, especially for accidents that result in spinal or brain injuries.

Common injuries following a sidewalk accident include:

  • Broken bones
  • Pulled or strained muscles
  • Sprained ankle/other ligament or tendon
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries

Lost wages: When you take time off to heal from an accident, you deserve to be compensated for those missed earnings. Our personal injury attorneys will work hard to earn you lost wage compensation.

Loss of future earnings: If you fall on a cracked sidewalk, your sidewalk accident case should compensate you for your injuries sustained, especially if the sidewalk was in such a dangerous condition that you can no longer work. We’ll fight for your right to lost future earnings.

Every personal injury case is different, so every accident victim will receive a different amount of compensation in their settlement package. The amount of money you receive is calculated based upon a few factors. One factor is the severity of your injuries.

Generally speaking, the more injured an individual is after an accident, the more compensation they will receive to cover the cost of their extensive medical treatment. If the city of Los Angeles was found to be especially negligent in caring for their sidewalks, this may increase the amount of compensation in your settlement as well.

Again, every case is different, so be sure to consult with a lawyer regarding what you’ve suffered. In your free consultation, your sidewalk accident attorney will let you know which aspects of your premises liability case will factor into your financial compensation.

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We’ve all seen tree roots and broken sidewalks from San Fernando Valley to Orange County, but if you are caught off guard and fall on one of them you will, unfortunately, discover how dangerous they are. People who fall onto the cement often suffer from head injuries, bone fractures, kneecap injuries, spinal injuries and or damage to the hands or wrists. If you or a loved one has been injured by a damaged sidewalk, you’re highly unlikely to be compensated without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation. With the help of a southern California fall lawyer, you can file a Los Angeles sidewalk claim and seek financial compensation for what you have suffered.


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