Lots of people ride Metro Transit Authority buses around LA every day. Statistically, they are one of the safest modes of travel, however, accidents will happen. Unfortunately, when an accident involves a bus full of commuters, there are bound to be injuries.

Can You Sue the Government?

So if you were injured while riding an MTA bus, you will need to make a claim for compensation. The question is, how do you do it?

First, making a claim against a government entity is not the same as filing a claim with an insurance company or filing a lawsuit against the driver who hit you. This is because California has a law that prohibits lawsuits against the government and their employees, however, there is also a law that allows for some lawsuits with limitations and restrictions.

How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

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One of the lawsuits allowed is for bodily injury caused by the negligence of one of their employees. So if a bus driver caused an accident and you were injured, then you can make a claim to MTA for damages.

Six Injured when MTA Bus Crashes into Light Pole

For example, on Tuesday evening, May 19, 2020, a metro bus hit two vehicles and then slammed into a light pole injuring 6 people. The accident happened at the intersection of Florence Ave and Miramonte Blvd.  The Los Angeles Fire department says that some of the injured were treated at the scene and others were taken to the hospital, although how many and which vehicle they were in is unknown.

Police say that the accident is still under investigation, but it doesn’t look like drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident.

Making a Claim

When making a claim, the proper steps need to be followed by their deadline for your claim to be accepted. The same law that allows for some lawsuits against the government also makes certain requirements:

  • File a claim directly with MTA within six months of the accident.
  • Then the MTA will accept or deny your claim.
  • File a lawsuit within one year of the denial.

If you get denied, which a majority of claims are, then you need to file a civil lawsuit within the deadline. The lawsuit has to be drafted, filed, and served according to the law.

Do I Need an Attorney?

While you can file your claim with MTA by filling out a form, you should always speak to an experienced attorney if the crash involved a serious injury. If retained, an attorney gives you an advantage in that he or she will know the law, know what would be a good settlement offer and what to ask for if a lawsuit is necessary. A good attorney will take your case if it’s in your best interest. In many injury cases, an experienced attorney will improve the outcome of your case.

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