When you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, you have a cause of action for a lawsuit. Maybe you were sitting at a red light and got a bicycle rear-ended. Maybe you were shopping at a big box store, and merchandise from the sky came tumbling down on you. In either case, the same general rules of negligence apply.

So who do I sue?

In just about every state, you can’t just bypass the person or entity that caused your injuries and go directly after their insurance company. The law just doesn’t work that way. The insurance company didn’t cause your accident or injuries. You sue the individual, and then the insurance company has a duty to defend and indemnify its insured person under its contract of insurance.
So, you are suing the party who injured you, but in most cases, their insurance is going to be the one who hires a lawyer to defend them and the insurance company is going to be who pays out for any potential verdicts or settlements.

Have other questions?

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