Van Nuys residents use Uber for a night on the town, commute to the airport, and go shopping. Uber and other rideshare services are outstripping traditional taxicab service in part because of the ease of use and the lower cost.

Unfortunately, many Van Nuys residents are also getting injured or killed in Uber car accidents. When this happens, the victim faces medical treatment, rehabilitation and possibly a long recovery. With Uber, there are potential problems in determining where the compensation is coming from and how much money is available for the accident.

Types of Uber Accidents

There are many types of Uber accidents that can happen, and some are due to the uniqueness of a rideshare driving platform.

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  • Uber car hits a pedestrian: Uber cars go tend to go where there are lots of people (like clubs and the airport), and sometimes this means a pedestrian gets injured.
  • Uber car hits cyclist/scooter rider/e-bike rider: E-bikes, scooters, and cyclists are also in highly populated areas and are at risk of getting hit by an Uber car.
  • Uber passenger is injured by another driver: Some accidents are the fault of the other driver, the Uber passenger gets hurt outside the Uber car: Many Uber accidents happen when the passenger is just entering or exiting the vehicle.

Uber Accidents and Liability

Every Uber driver is required by the state of California to have insurance with a minimum coverage of $50,000 for bodily injury for each person, with a $100,000 cap on an accident. The law requires this insurance to be in effect when the driver has logged onto the app, regardless of whether he or she has accepted a ride request from a customer.

Uber insures each driver with a $1 million policy for any liability when a rider has reserved a ride until he or she exits the vehicle at the end of the trip.

So, this means that if an Uber car hits you when it has a passenger on a ride, then there is a $1 million policy to cover losses. If the car hits you when the driver is not on a paying ride, then the driver’s policy will pay for damages.

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