When you are involved in a Los Angeles County MTA bus accident, your injuries and legal claim deserve special attention. At the Law Offices of Steers & Associates, we know how frustrating it is to deal with the government on top of getting injured. We have dedicated our practice to helping victims of other people’s negligence get the compensation they deserve under the law.

Can You Sue the Government?

So if you or any family member were injured while riding an MTA bus, you will need to claim for compensation. The question is, how do you do it?

First, making a claim against a public entity is not the same as suing the insurance company or suing the person who hit you. This is because California has laws that govern how to make claims against public entities and their employees that must be strictly followed for a claim and subsequent lawsuit to successfully move forward.

How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

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One of the claims allowed is for bodily injury caused by the negligence of one of the MTA’s employees. So if a driver caused an accident and you were injured, then you can make a valid claim to the LACMTA to seek damages. For that, you need lawyers with years of combined legal experience that serve clients in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Fighting the Los Angeles County MTA

The LACMTA is a government agency that operates buses, subways, light rail, and trains in the greater LA area. Each year, it provides over 2 million boardings for riders in and around LA. If you live or work in LA, no doubt you’ve seen the black and white M and the “Go Metro” logo all over the city.

While the MTA is usually a safe mode of transportation, incidents happen. When this happens, you have to make a claim against the MTA, and the rules are a bit different than a typical motor vehicle accident claim. At the Law Offices of Steers & Associates, we stand ready to help you from start to finish and ensure you are treated fairly and get the compensation the law allows.

Six Injured when MTA Bus Crashes into Light Pole

For example, on Tuesday evening, May 19, 2020, a metro bus hit two vehicles and then slammed into a light pole injuring 6 people. The accident happened at the intersection of Florence Ave and Miramonte Blvd.

The Los Angeles Fire department says that some of the injured were treated at the scene and others were taken to the hospital, although how many and which vehicle they were in is unknown. Police say that the accident is still under investigation, but it doesn’t look like drugs or alcohol contributed to it.

Making a Claim

California has laws that impose specific requirements when making claims against the government and its employees. A personal injury claim based on the negligence of a driver can succeed, provided that these requirements are met. Then, the Los Angeles County MTA could be vicariously liable for your damages.

The same law that allows for some lawsuits against the government also makes certain requirements:

  • File a claim directly with the MTA within six months of the accident.
  • Then the MTA will accept or deny your claim.
  • File a lawsuit within six months of the denial.

If you get denied, which a majority of claims are, then you need to file a civil lawsuit within the deadline. The lawsuit has to be drafted, filed, and served according to the law.

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What If My Injury Claim Is Accepted?

If they accept your claim, then you need evidence that shows how much money it will be to fairly compensate you for your injuries and lost wages. These are things like medical bills, lost time from work, and pain and suffering. Then they will make you an offer, and if you feel it’s right, you can take the offer and your MTA bus accident case will be done.

However, if you don’t believe their offer is fair, you can still file your lawsuit. Remember, if they reject your counteroffer, you still have a deadline to file your suit.

From witnesses’ statements, onboard video, and data from the MTA vehicle tracking system, the Law Offices of Steers & Associates can help you gather all the evidence and statements you need to build your case.

Common Types of Accidents Involving MTA

Not all injuries by the MTA are from metro bus accidents. If you are physically injured by the negligence of an MTA employee or agent, then you can file an injury claim. Some of the common bus accidents and causes of injuries and wrongful death we’ve seen in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Southern California are:

  • Bus Accident
  • Trolley Accident
  • Train/Subway Accident
  • Fall Getting In/Out of Vehicle
  • Bus/Train/Subway Station Fall
  • Assault from Lack of Security/Lighting
  • Stairs/Handrails

These are just a few, and the law requires the MTA to pay compensation no matter how the person was injured if the cause was due to the negligence of the MTA.

Do I Need an Attorney?

While you can file your claim with MTA by filling out a form, you should always speak to an experienced attorney if the crash involved a severe injury. If retained, an attorney gives you an advantage in that he or she will know the law, what would be a reasonable settlement offer, and what to ask for if a lawsuit is necessary. A good attorney will take your case if it’s in your best interest. In many injury cases, an experienced attorney will improve the outcome of your case.

Related Questions

What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of MTA Accidents?

The same failures that cause car accidents can also be the cause of MTA bus accidents, combined with problems that are unique to mass transit vehicles such as buses. Some of these causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Driver Exhaustion
  • Driving under the influence
  • Lack of attention
  • Running a red light
  • Lack of bus maintenance or parts in need of repair

What Is The Best Moment To File A Claim Against the MTA?

The best moment to file a claim against the MTA is as soon as you can after the accident. You should act as soon as possible to avoid missing your deadline and gather as much evidence as possible while it’s still fresh. Claims against public entities in California have shorter time limits, and you have six months from the date of the accident to file your claim. If you fail to do so, the court could dismiss your lawsuit filed at a later point in time.

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