Sherman Oaks residents enjoy conveniences not always found in the busier sections of Los Angeles.  Many of the basic needs are just a short, easy drive away.  And what you can’t find nearby can always be delivered.

The reliance on delivery services like Amazon, Instacart, or DoorDash is a game-changer for some families.  But all those doorstep drops come with a drawback.  When you’re out on the road, you may have noticed the extra traffic from vehicles out for delivery.

Distracted Drivers on the Clock

Drivers can be distracted by almost anything, but when people are concentrating on getting an order delivered, safety can be the last thing on their minds.

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These delivery workers earn their money by getting orders to a customer quickly.  They can lose money and risk a poor rating if they’re late. This pressure combined with their time behind the wheel leads to unique distractions as they navigate Sherman Oaks:

  • “Order Up” Distractions – A deliverer waits all day for orders to pop up on an app. These are often new customers with unique requests.  Drivers can be tempted to use their phones as they drive, looking at instructions or directions for their next delivery.
  • Speeding to Make Deadlines – The more deliveries made in a day, the more money made. Sometimes customers set tight deadlines. This pressure to quickly deliver on promises can lead to dangerous decisions on the freeway.
  • Reckless Driving – A driver can be fatigued from work or personal stress. Their minds can wander from the task of safe driving. Even the navigation systems used by some drivers have been known to unintentionally recommend a hazardous move on the road.
  • Distracted by Payload – Drivers can have a van or truck filled to capacity, obstructing vision, and possibly causing them to miss other vehicles. Those bags can spill too, causing a distraction.

Who is Responsible for a Delivery Driver Accident?

These massive companies sometimes make billions off your orders and they definitely want you to keep clicking on their products. They should also be held accountable for hiring safe drivers who operate safe vehicles.

If a driver caused you to get into an accident while working for a delivery company, you could make multiple claims when seeking damages.  The driver’s insurance and the company’s insurance may both come into play.  These cases can be complex and involve insurance adjusters and lawyers for multi-national corporations.  It can be of great help to have an attorney on your side who is experienced in dealing with these large operations.

Delivery Drivers Insurance Policies

Postmates is listed as Los Angeles’ favorite food and grocery delivery service by Vox/Recode.  They receive around 40% of the business in greater L.A.  It’s a company that started here in California.

Postmates handles accident insurance like many other delivery companies.  They don’t cover a driver until they’ve accepted an order and are currently out to pick-up or deliver it.  The coverage extends until that delivery is dropped off. So be aware, if you’re in a crash with a delivery driver who wasn’t currently on a delivery, you may not be able to hold the delivery company responsible.

In the case of Postmates, the company maintains a one million dollar third party supplemental insurance policy. The policy provided is intended to be supplemental to the delivery driver’s own insurance.

Other delivery companies have slightly different insurance policies. For more information read about the individual delivery services.

Deadlines for Filing An Accident Claim

California Law protects motorists by extending the deadline to file an injury claim out to two years after the accident happened.  You should also know that if an unknown injury from the accident suddenly pops up, the two years can begin at the point the injury was made known.

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