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What is a pit bull?

First of all, we are not anti-dog. All types of dogs can by beautiful, cuddly, affectionate pets. However, bad breeding, bad ownership, and negligent doggy-parenting can lead to a dangerous dog capable of severely injuring, mutilating, mauling, or even killing an innocent victim. For those victims, we fight to get them every penny owed to them every way possible.

That said, pit bulls are confusing dogs, and most pit bull owners have absolutely no idea what kind of dog they actually have. In fact, there is no real breed of dog called a “pit bull”.

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In Los Angeles and all over the United States, there are 30 or 40 breeds of dogs that people call “pit bulls”. Almost none of these dogs resemble the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), a wonderful working dog. The name alone is misleading, as these “American Terriers” are not American, and they’re not terriers, either. These dogs, originally used for blood sports, became pit fighters in England in the 1800s. When they entered the USA, these were little 25lb dogs. Pit fighting, of course, is now a felony.

When people say pit bull, they are often referring to a random mix of dogs which could be an English bulldog, Boerboel, Bullmastiff, Cur, Catahoula, Boston Terrier, or any number of other dogs which have a similar appearance.

While there is no “pit bull”, many lawmakers and government entities do have laws on pit bulls. These dogs are defined differently all over the country.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

A working dog with a lot of drive needs a handler that understands and can give the dog the attention, physical exercise, and mental stimulation that it needs. Unfortunately, people pick up “pit bulls” for free or cheap all over the place and have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. While there are plenty of great dog owners all over Los Angeles, some dog owners give bulls a bad rap. Dogs left outside or tethered or even trained to be vicious are an accident waiting to happen.

Dog bites at family member’s houses

Nobody wants to sue their friend, brother, sister or mom, but if you or your child is bitten, you or a loved one may suffer permanent disfigurement or injuries which last a lifetime. You can indeed file a claim or a lawsuit. However, homeowners typically carry homeowners insurance, and at the end of the day your friends and family want to see you healthy again or at a minimum, compensated for your losses. The dog owner doesn’t necessarily have to pay anything, which is good because most dog attacks occur in a home. Read more about suing relatives here.

Dog attacks in public

We have all heard the news headlines and the media likes to report on pit bull attacks. If you’ve been injured by a pit bull out in public you may still be able to be compensated for your injuries; contact us for details.

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An insurance company is usually not going to offer fair compensation to a claimant without an attorney. In fact, they may even blame you for provoking the dog. Before speaking to them contact us. Please also feel free to visit our page all about dog attacks in Los Angeles.