When you venture out into Sherman Oaks you probably have a checklist.  Perhaps grocery shopping, catching a movie, grabbing food, or showing up for an appointment.  All of the locations involved have at least one thing in common.  When you step onto their property, they are responsible for your safety.

On Their Premises and Under Their Care

Stores, restaurants, offices, and anywhere else owned and operated by someone else are all required to look after your well-being when you visit.  You could slip and fall, or get hit by debris and the person responsible for the premises can often be liable for your injuries and recovery.

Did you know that your security is included in this safety pact? You can be in a parking lot or garage and suddenly you’re staring down the gun or knife of an attacker. The property owner could be held liable for this scary encounter and be required to pay for your emotional and physical injuries.

Common Locations for Security Negligence

A robbery, assault or attack can happen anywhere we go, but there are certain locations that seem to attract criminals. Owners of the property involved can be lax in protecting you from becoming a victim or even fail to warn you of a known risk in the area. They can be held responsible due to laws covering premises liability.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics studied crime rates over a five year period.  They found some expected and unexpected spots to be extra cautious:

  • Parking Lots and Garages (#1 with 400,000 violent incidents reported over 5 years. The most dangerous of locations including commercial lots, stairwells, and apartment parking lots)
  • Restaurant, Nightclub, Bars, Concerts (The second most risky places. 244,000 incidents involving violence toward the victim)
  • Banks/ATMs
  • Gas Stations
  • Public Transportation Stations and Vehicles (Subways, Trains, Buses)
  • Hotels

The list extends to anywhere you can go.  The inaction of an owner should not leave you at a heightened risk for robbery or violent assault on his or her property.

Proving Security Negligence

Property owners or those renting or leasing the property owe anyone on their premises a “duty of care.” This legal concept requires an owner to show watchfulness, attention, caution, and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would use.

If it can be proven that a property owner didn’t meet these requirements in providing security while you were on-site you may have a case.  The owner’s failure to protect you can be demonstrated by pointing out certain negligence:

  • Failure to install security cameras
  • Failure to provide proper exits
  • Failure to employ security guards or train staff for emergencies
  • Failure to provide enough lighting in a dangerous location
  • Failure to provide proper door locks (in the case of Apartment incidents, etc.)
  • Failure to warn people on your property about elevated crime rates

These are just a few of the examples of noncompliance with the “duty of care” responsibility all owners are required to observe.

Who do I file a premise liability claim against?

Premise liability cases can be complex.  Security negligence can be particularly tricky due to all the factors involved.  An attorney with experience in these cases can be a great asset if you were robbed or assaulted on someone else’s property.

An attorney can help sort out who can be held liable.  It may be the property owner at fault, but there could also be any number of other defendants possible.  In cases that happened around public transportation, state or municipal governments may be involved in any claim. A security company, a property management firm, or a parking lot management company may all be potential defendants.

Contact a Sherman Oaks Premises Injury Attorney

A criminal act can leave you injured and emotionally traumatized. If a property owner knew there was the risk of such an attack and didn’t take proper precautions, he or she can be liable in the aftermath of such a life-altering event.  You should worry about recovering and let an attorney working for you deal with insurance companies and lawyers trying to disprove your claim.

The best thing to do when injured in an accident or attack on someone else’s property is to talk to a Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Lawyer who understands the law and has experience getting injured victims the compensation they deserve.

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