Sherman Oaks is proud to have the historic Ventura Boulevard as a major artery of the neighborhood.  All the restaurants, shops, and unique architecture attract plenty of classic car enthusiasts and motorcycle riders looking for a sun-soaked cruise.

Sherman Oaks works to make all of its thoroughfares as safe as possible, but with its fame as a cruising destination, traffic accidents are a constant danger.

Sherman Oaks Hazards for Motorcyclists

With multiple lanes and tightly packed parking spots along the way, a motorcyclist is especially vulnerable. A car door swinging open at the wrong moment, or a careless driver forgetting to check his blind spot can force a rider into an accident.

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There are a few areas, especially in heavy city traffic, for riders need to be extra cautious in navigating:

  • Intersections. There are a lot more of them in the city.  Being the first to jump when you see a green light can be dangerous.  Be aware of drivers blowing through their red light.
  • Oncoming Traffic Turning Left. Drivers turning left in front of you can overlook your bike as you approach. You can flash your lights or honk your horn to avoid this common accident.
  • Parked Cars and Open Doors. City streets can be lined with parked vehicles. Occupants looking to leave the vehicle will pop the door open when they think the traffic has cleared.  Don’t get hit.
  • Stay Visible. Dark Colors can be more stylish, but brighter colors will make it easier for careless drivers to spot you.

Motorcyclists can quickly become involved in a collision they didn’t cause and because they aren’t protected by metal walls and a roof, like an SUV passenger, the injuries can be much more severe. A hospital stay may be the result and a chat with a local attorney may be the next course of action.  Claims can be filed to get those bills covered, to restore lost wages from missed work time, and to just get help in trying to get back to a normal life.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

In a single year, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune found motorcycle fatalities made up 15% of all motor vehicle deaths in California. The consequences when a motorcycle comes into contact with a bigger vehicle can be devastating.

A rider is usually going to be thrown from a bike in a crash. The violent impact with the pavement or another object leads to unique injuries for someone on a motorcycle.

The list of the worst outcomes can include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Nerve injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Broken bones
  • Hand and Arm Injuries

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If you’re injured on a ride due to another driver’s negligence you should contact a local Motorcycle Accident Attorney.  Your recovery and the goal of getting back on a bike should be your first concerns. Medical bills and lost wages should be the worry of the insurance companies who represent those at fault.  A local Sherman Oaks attorney understands the law and has experience working in the local courts.

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