Sherman Oaks enjoys a reputation as a quieter alternative to the constant rush of Los Angeles. It’s mostly earned.  Sherman Oaks is a great place for families and anyone wanting to escape the comparative hustle and bustle of L.A.

The neighborhood isn’t always quiet though.  Like any evolving community, construction sites are buzzing seven days a week. All that progress can come at the cost of safety at times.

Sherman Oaks Construction Dangers

Construction sites are one of the most hazardous work zones of any profession. Even to a pedestrian,  a work zone can prove dangerous.

A misplaced board and nail or a piece of falling equipment can cause a serious injury.  An accident can land a construction worker or someone just passing by in the hospital and soon medical bills are multiplying.

California Construction Injuries

Over a five year period, the California Division of OSHA found that construction jobs accounted for 17% of all occupational deaths in the state. That was second to only Trade, Transportation and Utilities Jobs that accounted for 26% of fatal accidents.

If you put on a hard hat and enter a construction zone every day, the hazards are all around you. Even if an employer puts safety first, accidents can still happen. The most common accidents are referred to as the “fatal four” by OSHA.  They are the first four mentioned below along with other threats construction workers face:

  1. Falls/scaffolding accidents (33.5% of Construction Industry Deaths)
  2. Electrocution (11% of Construction Deaths)
  3. Struck by object/falling Debris (8.5% of Construction Deaths)
  4. Caught in or between equipment or structures. Includes being crushed in collapses. (5.5%)
  5. Equipment/tool malfunction
  6. Explosion or fire
  7. Exposure to hazardous/toxic materials
  8. Safeguards not in place

Pedestrians Exposed to Construction Dangers

From a pedestrian’s perspective, a construction site can be a major obstacle.  These large projects sometimes block sidewalks and roads. Walkers, joggers, and bicyclists may have to risk traffic to find a way around the work zone.  Navigating around a site can also bring force someone to get dangerously close to construction work. At this point, some of those same dangers that put workers at risk can extend out to injure anyone nearby.

  1. Falling objects
  2. Worksite explosion or fire
  3. Tripping accidents
  4. Unsecured site hazards
  5. Exposure to Hazardous Materials
  6. Traffic Dangers

Construction Site Injury Compensation

A construction site company and others involved in the project are legally responsible for providing a reasonably safe job site. If they are found at fault, state law allows for compensation for the injured person. A worker can be awarded financial compensation for many of the losses and hardships suffered during recovery:

  • Medical Bills
  • Rehab treatment/equipment
  • Travel
  • Lost time from work (Including the expected future lost time)
  • Permanent disability/disfigurement
  • Pain and mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium (Being without the support of a spouse, partner, family member, etc.)

Accidents and Third-Party Fault

Investigators may determine there were other entities at fault in your accident.  Your construction company may only be hit with part of the blame. You may be entitled to compensation from a third party. This could be the manufacturer of the equipment, the equipment maintenance or repair company, or any third party that has a part in the completion of the project you were working on.

Be aware, that in accepting compensation from a third party, you might have to return some funds you may have gotten from worker’s compensation. An experienced attorney can help you in fashioning a settlement that reduces the amount you have to pay back according to state law.

Contact a Sherman Oaks Construction Accident Injury Attorney

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