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Who is Legally Responsible in Taxi Accidents?

Taxi accidents can involve complex legal issues. Taxi companies are considered common carriers which means under the law that taxi drivers must use the utmost care when operating a taxicab to ensure the safety of their passengers.

When a taxi driver causes an accident, a claim and/or lawsuit can be brought by an injured passenger as well as other people injured by the taxi driver including the driver of another car. Lawsuits brought against taxi drivers who cause accidents will also typically involve the taxi company as well as the owner of the taxi if that person is different than the taxi driver.

Often times, taxi companies will claim when sued that they are not responsible for the conduct of the taxi driver. There are different ways to defeat this argument depending on the facts of this case. For example, showing that the taxi company negligently hired the taxi driver is one way. Another way is to show that the taxi company controlled the job duties of the taxi driver so that even if the taxi driver is technically an independent contractor and not an employee, the taxi company could still be liable.

These are some examples of the issues that can come up in cases involving taxi accidents.


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