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GEICO is now the second largest auto insurance company in the United States. It employs over 20,000 people. If you were injured in an auto accident by a driver who was insured by GEICO, you’ll probably wish that you were hurt by somebody who was insured by a more reputable insurer.

GEICO spends about $1 billion per year for advertising, but you might have some difficulty finding a GEICO agent. That’s because most of the auto insurance that it sells is sold over the internet. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) review reveals a high number of complaints against this insurer. In fact, there were so many complaints that the BBB only published five percent of the total claims handled through its conciliation process. Of 2,314 total closed published complaints against GEICO (as of November 2016), the BBB showed 1,537 related to “product/service.” That’s a startlingly high number, but if you read customer review after customer review of GEICO’s claim service, you’ll understand that both adverse claimants and GEICO’s own insured customers are often treated with utter disdain.

Personal injury claims against GEICO

The most important thing that you need to know about a personal injury claim against GEICO is that the insurer isn’t going to look at your best interests. It’s going to look at the company’s bottom line, and it will do whatever it legally can do to pay as little as possible on your claim. In that regard, GEICO might not be any different than any other insurance company. That’s why the only way that you’ll have anybody in your corner protecting your interests in the personal injury claim process is to retain an experienced, aggressive and successful Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Don’t harm your own case

From the onset of the claim process, a personal injury claim against any insurance company shouldn’t be handled without an attorney. If you go it alone, it’s likely that you’ll cause irreparable harm to your case, and it’s unlikely that you’ll get paid the full value of your claim. A GEICO adjuster will probably want a recorded statement from you as to how the accident occurred. He or she might even argue the unethical position that a statement is required, and the insurer will deny your claim without it.

Never give an insurer a statement

The fact that you were injured in an accident due to the carelessness and negligence of somebody else should be your first indication that you need to retain a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. The fact that GEICO wants a recorded statement from you should be the second indication. Whether or not the statement is under oath is irrelevant. The adjuster will be reading from a script, and the same questions will be framed differently. Those are going to cause you to give different answers. Expect those different answers to be used against you in the future to attack your credibility. No experienced personal injury lawyer would allow you to give any such statement, and those questions would not be permitted in court. You gave up valuable rights though that you’ll probably never get back. A judge will likely allow that statement to be used against you in court. A personal injury attorney knows that California law doesn’t require you to give that statement, and so does the adjuster who took it from you.

Delay, deny and defend

It’s unfortunate that GEICO appears to have adopted the delay, deny and defend personal injury claim strategy that was previously implemented by Allstate. Its claim process seems as if it’s intended to delay processing of claims, and then denying even perfectly legitimate claims. That often results in filing of lawsuits that are vigorously defended by it’s attorneys who are usually salaried GEICO employees rather than independent law firms that cost more money. That posture results in more lawsuits and more trials.

You could walk away with nothing on a perfectly good case

GEICO undervalues claims and relies on the fact that most people who make personal injury claims don’t know how to properly pursue or litigate them. Information that claimants voluntarily give GEICO is ultimately used against them in court, and bills aren’t admitted into evidence due to the claimant’s failure to comply with the complex rules of evidence. All of this can leave a jury with nothing to award, even if they want to make an award. All of that anticipated loss is then moved over to the company’s bottom line. Both the adjusters and their attorneys have done their jobs, and you walk away stunned and with little or nothing. A good personal injury attorney wouldn’t dream of letting that happen.

Call us for help with GEICO

You don’t need to take on GEICO by yourself. You’re not serving your best interests by doing so either. GEICO already knows who we are and what we do. Our intention is to maximize the recovery on your case. You need experienced, aggressive and successful Los Angeles personal injury attorneys as your advocates against GEICO. Contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation. No legal fees are due unless we obtain compensation for you.