Well known for their roadside assistance program, AAA, also called the Automobile Club of Southern California, or triple A, provides motorists with insurance in Los Angeles and Southern California. They also provide insurance for homeowners, tenants, boats, watercraft and more.

Have you been injured by a driver or other negligent party who has AAA insurance?

We are often asked if people have to sue AAA or file a lawsuit to get a fair settlement.

Pursuing and litigating personal injury claims is much different than getting compensated for a property damage claim. If you have a vehicle which has been damaged by someone who has AAA, chances are they will take care of your vehicle repairs without too much of a hassle. However, if there are serious injuries involved, you will often obtain drastically more compensation for your injuries with an attorney representing you.

Insurance companies make money by paying out as little as possible for your injuries. There is no law that says how much an insurer such as AAA must pay out for your injuries, and they try to pay out as little as possible, especially for-profit businesses.

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You don’t need to take on AAA by yourself. You’re not serving your best interests by doing so either. AAA already knows who we are and what we do. Our intention is to maximize the recovery on your case. You need experienced, aggressive and successful Los Angeles personal injury attorneys as your advocates against AAA. Contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation. No legal fees are due unless we obtain compensation for you.