Sometimes LA commuters fight their way home and want nothing to do with making dinner. Going out is an option, but after a couple of hours in the car, that’s not appealing. So UberEats and other app-based delivery companies can bring you your dinner for a reasonable fee.

It seems like a win-win, but there is a downside. Services like UberEats put extra drivers on the streets, and unfortunately, this causes accidents.

Who Pays for Uber Eats Accident Claims?

By all counts, the answer should be easy, but it can get a bit complicated. It starts by the driver being negligent and causing the accident. Then the question is whose pocket is the compensation coming from?

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Driver’s Insurance Company

Uber requires that each driver have liability insurance company with at least the state minimum liability coverage. If the driver is not logged onto the UberEats app, but is driving around and then hits you, his or her own insurance company will cover the damages.

The only problem with that is California’s minimum requirement is a $15,000 bodily injury policy for each injured person and $30,000 maximum for all injuries which might not cover all your damages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Uber Auto Policy

Uber has an auto insurance policy on each driver for when they are logged onto the app and ready for a delivery. If you are hit when the driver is logged on but hasn’t accepted a delivery job, or has just finished one and hasn’t accepted another, then Uber’s insurance company will cover your damages. This insurance policy caps at $50,000 for each injured person and $100,000 in insurance limits for all injured parties.

Uber’s Deep Pockets

If the delivery driver is actively on a delivery—picking up or delivering the food—then Uber is responsible for any damage done by their driver. The reason that can be important is that Uber has a $1 million insurance policy cap on personal injury claims against them.

UberEats Accident Common Injuries

Like most delivery drivers, UberEats drivers get paid by their delivery, and the more they do, the more they get paid. This gives even the most conscientious driver the incentive to put the pedal down and zip in and out of traffic and across parking lots.

Unfortunately, this puts drivers and pedestrians alike at risk for a personal injury. At the Law Offices of Steers & Associates, we have seen many types of injuries that come from UberEats and other food delivery drivers. The type of injury can make a difference in how a claim is pursued, and we’ve seen all types of injuries. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Blunt Force Trauma
  • Head Injuries
  • Broken Bones, Ribs/Collarbones
  • Broken Arms/Legs/Wrists
  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Airbag Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries

If you’ve been injured by an UberEats driver while you are driving a car or walking across a parking lot, you might be wondering what to do. You should know that the agents for Uber and the auto insurance companies have one job to do, and that is to pay you as little as possible. They can afford to hire the best attorneys to keep you from getting any money, so don’t face them alone.

Related Questions

Will Uber Eats Deactivate Me For An Uber Accident?

No, Uber Eats won’t deactivate you for a single accident. This decision might change based on the severity of the accident and any violation of the company’s policies. You will be deactivated in the case of repeated accidents or several violations of the company’s policies.

How Do I File A Claim With Uber?

To file a claim with Uber, open the Uber app and select the trip in question. Tap “Help” and choose the appropriate issue. For drivers, file a claim through the Uber driver app or website by going to “Help,” selecting “Account and Payment,” and then choosing the issue. Provide the necessary information and documentation to support your injury claim.

Can You Get Compensation From Uber?

Yes, you can get compensation from Uber if you’re involved in an accident while using Uber, you may be eligible for compensation through Uber’s liability insurance policies. The amount and type of compensation you may receive depends on various factors, including the severity of the accident and the extent of your medical payments and car accident injuries.

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