Unfortunately, road conditions result in thousands of traumatic injuries and fatalities every year to drivers of vehicles, passengers and pedestrians.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident and believe that a dangerous road may have played a role please contact me today for a free consultation.

What is a dangerous road?

Dangerous roads include roads which have a poor design, poor construction, or are improperly maintained. Motorists commuting on public roads have a reasonable expectation that the road will be safe and maintained.

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Injuries from dangerous roads

Bad, unsafe, or damaged roads do not hurt just drivers. Sometimes drivers are unable to see pedestrians, bicycles, or motorcycles due to lighting issues. Sometimes surface defects or loose gravel cause people to lose control of their vehicle and result in single car accidents. In other cases multiple victims and vehicles are involved or the fault of an accident is shared between a road and another driver. An experienced car accident lawyer will look at all aspects in the case and investigate.

Dangerous road cases are complex

A personal injury attorney who specializes in automobile accidents can assist people who have sustained injuries as a result of a dangerous road. These are complex cases which requires the expertise of an attorney who specializes in personal injury law and vehicle accidents exclusively.

Many of these cases will require industry experts and special investigation. In addition, instead of negotiating with an insurance company your attorney will be representing you and up against a city or state government with significant resources.

Examples of road defect

  • Poorly designed bridges
  • Poorly designed roads and turns
  • Improper or inadequate signage
  • Poorly placed guardrails and median dividers
  • Poorly or negligently managed construction zones
  • Insufficient lighting at road resurfacing or construction projects
  • Surface defects (pavement hazards, potholes, grooved pavement, loose gravel

California Tort Claims Act (CTCA)

This act gives the injured and loved ones of the injured or killed 6 months or less to start their claim against a government entity. If you feel that you may have a claim and you are passed 6 months contact us for a free consultation anyways. Occasionally a late claim may be applied for or filed. There are special procedures which must be followed when filing a claim against a government entity in California.

If your accident took place in Los Angeles County or anywhere else in Southern California and you feel the city, county, Caltrans, the state or another party may be responsible contact us today for a free consultation.


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