Pile-up crashes or any crash involving three or more vehicles create additional hazards and problems for those involved. According to the American Automobile Association, when several cars collide in a single accident, there is a significant risk for greater injury.

Seven Injured in Multiple-Vehicle Pile-up in Palmdale

Four cars collided at the intersection of 26th Street East and East Avenue S.in Palmdale Thursday, January 23, 3020, injuring 7 people, 2 critically. The details of how the pile-up happened weren’t available at the time of this report, however, the Los Angeles Fire Department said that six victims were taken to a local hospital and one was treated at the scene and released.

Police are still investigating the wreck, and no charges have been filed as of yet.

What to do When in a Multi-Vehicle Pile-Up

The AAA says that the best thing to do right after the accident is to wait in your car until an official first responder tells you otherwise. This is to avoid a second or even a third impact, especially when outside the protection of your vehicle.

While at the scene, your first concern is to deal with your immediate medical issues. Once this is done, and it’s possible to do so, then you can:

  • Get Information on other drivers/witnesses
  • Take pictures, if possible
  • Cooperate with authorities

Liability After A Multiple-Vehicle Accident

When more than two cars are involved, the odds are that more than two insurance companies and their lawyers will be involved in the settling of any claims for compensation. This muddies the waters as each insurance company will point the finger at anyone but their client.

The best thing to do is to talk to an attorney who can help you with your claim for compensation. Before you do, don’t talk to the insurance company or any of their representatives. They have loads of experience and highly-paid attorneys to keep you from getting your fair compensation.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

The best thing to do when injured in an automobile accident is to talk to a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney who understands the law and has experience getting injured victims the compensation they deserve.

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