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Tanker Truck Accidents

Tanker trucks are commercial vehicles which carry water, milk, gas, liquids, cryogenics, compressed gasses, toxic chemicals or other corrosive materials. Drivers must undergo special training depending on what they will be carrying. Generally, most tanker truck drivers are experienced, very careful, and take their time, but accidents do still occur.

Accidents happen due to:

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  • driver inexperience
  • driver fatigue
  • road hazards
  • tailgating
  • distraction
  • DUI

Tanker Truck Rollovers

Unfortunately, in some cases, tanker trucks roll over. This can lead to major accidents often involving serious injuries or death.

Tanker trucks may roll over due to improperly filled tanks. When a tank is not correctly filled with liquid, the liquid may begin shifting from side to side and cause the truck to roll over. Trucks also roll over due to too high of a center of gravity, speeding, speeding around curves, “stopping short”, or improperly trained drivers.

Recent Tanker Truck Accidents in or around LA

  • April 2017 – A milk tanker truck tolled over on the Southbound 2 Freeway in Glassell Park. Multiple people had to be extricated from their vehicles in this terrible crash. – ABC7
  • June 2016 – A fatal crash occurred on the 5 in Castaic. – ABC7
  • January 2016 – A tanker truck carrying chemicals burst into flames in downtown Los Angeles. The explosion was caused by a head on collision. This big rig was carrying carbon dioxide. – ABC7

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