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If you suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, and that injury is causing you chronic pain, our team can help. A personal injury claim is a way to hold the at-fault party accountable for what you suffered during and after an accident.

On behalf of our clients, we’ve successfully facilitated thousands of personal injury claims. No matter your diagnosis, or what doctors told you, any injury caused by someone else can be addressed by a lawyer, and you have the right to seek compensation.

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What is Chronic Pain?

In medical terms, pain is typically described as acute or chronic. Acute pain is short lived, typically lasting no more than 30-60 days at most. It’s often related to some type of injury, such as a burn or broken bone. Chronic pain, however, lasts much longer.Man holding his stomach in pain

While specific definitions vary, any pain lasting longer than 6 months is generally considered to be chronic. Chronic pain can range in intensity from mild to severe, and may be episodic or continuous. It may even impact your ability to work and lead a normal lifestyle.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain and complex regional pain syndrome can be originally triggered by almost any injury or condition, or in some cases not have any clear original cause at all. This persistence is often times difficult to explain. In any case, the source of the pain will originate in one of three places.

  • The body – Burns, broken bones, amputations, or any other physical injury throughout the body may eventually develop into a case of chronic pain. In these situations, the nerves affected by the injury are continually sending pain signals to the brain.
  • The brain – Sometimes there may not be an originating injury, or even if there was, the nerves are operating normally, but the perception of pain is purely psychological.
  • The spinal cord—Injuries or conditions that have affected the spinal cord sometimes send signals to the brain that give the illusion of pain somewhere in the body despite not having any legitimate medical malady in that area.

Was your chronic pain or regional pain syndrome caused by someone else’s negligence? Was someone driving recklessly and crashing into you? Did a store fail to clean a wet floor, and you fell, sustaining serious traumatic injuries? If you suffer physical pain, whether it is mild or severe pain, you deserve to hold the at-fault party accountable for what you have suffered.

Our law firm offers a free consultation to anyone who suffered an injury due to someone else’s poor treatment, negligence, or recklessness. We work closely with victims of accidents of all kinds and work to find the best course of action to fight for compensation on your behalf.

Different kinds of accidents and injuries have different potential outcomes for compensation. Discuss your case with an attorney today to learn more about legal options for your personal injury case.

How is Chronic Pain Treated?

The pain will be treated based on the details of its cause and origin. As the cause of chronic pain may be either medical or psychological, different treatments will be needed. In either case, pain is purely subjective, with no means of accurately measuring it.Chiropractor adjusting a woman's arms

It is up to the patient to accurately describe the intensity, frequency, and sensation of the pain. Based on these factors, and a process of trial and error, a doctor, or even a pain management team, may prescribe pain pills, physical therapy, or one of several forms of psychological treatments. Both cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and acceptance and commitment therapy have shown positive results in patients with chronic pain that is neuropathic in nature.

Chronic pain treatment can cost you thousands of dollars over time–if not more. If you suffer severe chronic pain due to an injury from someone else hurting you, treatment from medical professionals can change your life.

You may need extensive treatment over time, which is expensive. A chronic pain lawyer can help you get compensation for your injuries sustained to help cover the cost of your medical expenses following the accident. Our chronic pain attorneys have expertise in this specific area of law and can provide sound legal guidance for your recovery.

Complications Related to Chronic Pain

Patients experiencing chronic pain often have other issues caused by, or related to it. Higher than average rates of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders are found in people suffering from chronic pain. It’s important to note that some of these situations are correlated, and it can be difficult to determine which disorder is the primary cause, and which is the side effect.

Because of the fear of triggering or worsening the pain, many sufferers will shy away from physical activity, leading to weight gain. For these reasons, social support is sometimes just as important as medical treatment.

Chronic Pain Attorney

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How Does A Lawyer Help Me Fight Back Against The Accident That Caused My Chronic Pain?

Some injuries have no specific identifiable cause. Others can be traced directly to an accident. That’s where our team comes in, helping you hold the at-fault party accountable so you can recover the money you spend on medical care.

Chronic pain attorneys know that even after surgical procedures, long-term medical care and treatment, chronic pain syndrome can still change your life forever. You may even be left with a permanent disability. We have assisted clients throughout the years who suffered all kinds of accidents, leading to injuries that caused chronic pain. You can file a personal injury claim to hold the at-fault party accountable for your injuries.

For example, if someone hit your car while you were driving, and you suffered neck injuries that left you with chronic pain, our lawyers can review your medical records, review evidence from the accident, consult your insurance company, and more. By filing injury claims with the help of our chronic paint attorneys, injured victims can seek compensation for what they suffered.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Get For Chronic Pain?

If you suffer from a disability like chronic pain syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, neck injuries, fibromyalgia or another chronic condition, and that condition was caused by someone else’s negligence, you can file a claim with the help of an attorney.

Compensation awarded depends on the specifics of your claim, the type of injuries you have, if you need MRIs and tests, how much money you’ve spent recovering, the circumstances of the accident, and more. It benefits any accident victim to contact a lawyer to inquire more about potential compensation.

Filing a claim may seem daunting, but we do everything we can to make the process simple for our clients. You need the help of an attorney to know the full scope of the law as it applies to you, and how much compensation you can receive.

Chronic Pain Attorneys Offering A Free Consultation For Your Injuries

Any injured victim benefits from the help of a free consultation with a lawyer. Our chronic pain attorneys understand severe chronic pain can change your life.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for anyone interested in filing a personal injury case with our law firm. Our chronic pain attorneys always fight for the maximum compensation for your injuries and will advise you of all possible legal options. Contact our team today to speak with an attorney or representative.

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