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Each of our feet has 26 bones and 33 joints. They’re highly complicated pieces of body machinery, and if we’re in an automobile, motorcycle or bicycle accident, our feet are poorly protected. The cuboid bone is located at the outside of the middle of the foot, immediately in front of the ankle. Attached to the cuboid bone are muscles from the foot and lower leg. It’s shaped like a cube, and it connects the foot and the ankle. It has a joint in the back that allows it to work in conjunction with the heel and a joint in front that works in conjunction with the fourth and fifth toes.

Although a cuboid fracture is unusual, an isolated cuboid fracture without any other foot injuries is rare. If somebody fractures a bone at the outside of the middle of their foot, it’s the cuboid bone about half of the time.

Nutcracker fractures
Most cuboid bone fractures are stress fractures that are caused by ordinary daily wear and tear, especially with athletes or dancers. Others might be caused by trauma from a car, motorcycle or bicycle accident when trauma forces a foot to buckle and crush like a nutcracker would do to a nut. A cuboid fracture might also be seen when victims misstep from uneven surfaces, and their ankle buckles.

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Symptoms of cuboid fractures
When somebody has a cuboid fracture, and he or she is bearing weight on it, they suffer at least a limp. They’re painful injuries. Clearly visible objective symptoms will likely include swelling, bruising and tenderness at and around the affected area.

Traumatic cuboid fracture treatment
If only a crack is visible on x-rays, immobilizing the foot with a cast is likely to heal the fracture. If it’s a more complex traumatic cuboid fracture, surgery is probably required. Because the injury is so rare, no consistent operative procedure has been established for cuboid bone surgery. Permanent metal implants are usually used along with bone grafting and external fixation. The victim will be walking on that fracture for the rest of his or her life, so he or she shouldn’t be surprised if the fracture is occasionally painful.

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