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What is an acoustic trauma?

Acoustic trauma is an injury of the inner mechanism of the ear, usually the ear drum, due to the result of very loud noise. While usually caused by a single burst of noise over a short period of time, it can also occur from sustained exposure so loud noises over a long period of time.

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How does acoustic trauma occur?

Any loud noise above a safe decibel threshold can damage the ear drum or other parts of the inner ear. Common causes are explosions, gun shots, heavy machinery, and very loud music. Head injuries and blunt force traumas can also occasionally affect the way our ear process sound, especially if the ear drum is ruptured in a work accident or car accident.

Symptoms of acoustic trauma.

Victims of acoustic trauma will experience hearing loss, starting with higher frequencies at first, with the possibility of hearing loss at lower frequencies later. Tinnitus is another symptom experienced after acoustic trauma. Tinnitus is a persistent buzzing or ringing sound. Mild levels of tinnitus may only be noticeable in very quiet environments, while more sever levels can be perceived at all times.

How is acoustic trauma diagnosed?

After discussing with your doctor the details of your injury and the symptoms you are experiencing, he or she may perform an audiometry exam. This involves testing your ability to hear different sounds and varying volumes and frequencies. This will help measure how much hearing loss has been incurred, if any.

How is acoustic trauma treated?

Depending on the severity and specific details of your injury, treatment may or may not be possible. Hearing aids are helpful for people that have lost some audio perception, but will not be useful for people with complete hearing loss or severe tinnitus. Cochlear implants, devices surgically inserted into the skull, can also help in some, but not all cases.

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