There are many ways to get injured when on someone else’s property, and most of the time we don’t think about toxic chemicals. However, if you are exposed to a toxic substance while at an auto parts store or maybe a print shop, then you might have a claim if you are injured.

Top Five Common Toxic Chemicals the Result in Injury

  1. Carbon Monoxide: Carbon Monoxide is a killer. It is colorless, odorless and can cause sudden illness that can be fatal. CO comes from combustion such as a furnace or an automobile, and when it gets trapped in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces, it can cause sickness to anyone in the space.
  2. Ammonia: This is also colorless, but it does have a distinct odor. However, ammonia is very quick-acting and can overwhelm the victim in a hurry. Most exposures don’t lead to deaths, but they often cause skin irritation and burns in the mouth, throat, lungs, and eyes. If exposed to large amounts or over a long time, it can cause death.
  3. Chlorine: Chlorine, found commonly in bleach, is a toxic gas and has a distinct odor that irritates the eyes, nose and soft tissue. Chlorine can accumulate in poorly-ventilated areas and it is heavier than air so it sinks and accumulates lower to the ground. Severe exposure can lead to burns to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs and can cause severe chest pain and nausea. In extreme cases, it can cause death.
  4. Hydrochloric Acid: HCL is a clear, colorless solution of hydrogen chloride in water. It is highly corrosive and is used in many industrial applications. Concentrated amounts can cause severe burns and when inhaled it can damage the mouth, nose, throat and lungs and can cause death if exposure is high enough.
  5. Sulfuric Acid: Commonly used as battery acid and for other uses, sulfuric acid is a clear, colorless oily liquid that is very corrosive. Like any corrosive, it can cause severe burns and damage to the mouth, throat and lungs and the eyes. If it does get into one’s eyes, it can burn the cornea and cause blindness.

Ways I Can be Exposed to these Chemicals

Many public areas like a restaurant, car repair shop, auto parts or paint stores can be places where people might be exposed to these chemicals. It can happen with a spill or a break in a pipe or line. Gas can build up and injure those nearby.

If you are exposed and injured, then you need to make a premises liability claim which is based on the negligence of the owner of the property you were on.

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Making a Premises Liability Toxic Chemical Claim

In any personal injury claim, the victim must show that the person they are suing was negligent, and the negligence caused the injury. When it comes to toxic chemicals, you have to prove that the owner of the premises was negligent in the handling of the substances or the training of those who were using it.

Creation of a Hazard

Every retail outlet has a duty to keep its premises safe for those coming onto their property. California law allows for a hazard to be created in two ways:

  1. The owner created the hazard through negligent maintenance or other means, or
  2. The owner knew, or should have known of a hazard and did nothing (or did something inadequate) to fix the condition.

So if the owner knew of a chemical spill and didn’t take steps to keep people safe, then he or she might be negligent. This might be improper storage, improper usage, and when it comes to toxic chemicals, the owner is required to handle dangerous substances in a reasonably safe manner.

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