Property owners are responsible for maintaining and ensuring the safe operation of escalators on their premises. They may be held liable for injuries resulting from negligent maintenance or problems with escalators which contribute to visitor’s injuries.

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Escalator injuries

Escalators are found all over Los Angeles in hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, at LAX, and at Los Angeles area Metro Stations.

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According to the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, escalator accidents result in over 10,000 injuries every year which require a trip to the local emergency room.

Falling down a flight of stairs can result in serious, traumatic injuries, and even PTSD or nightmares. Traumatic injuries come with serious medical expenses.

Some escalator injuries are caused by unsafe designs but in most injury cases the cause is inadequate or negligent maintenance.

Inadequate Maintenance of escalators

Two of the most common causes of escalators is over-lubrication or under-lubrication of the step chain; this is the chain which moves the steps up or down. An over-lubricated escalator will often have slick oil on the stairs. People may slip and fall on this lube. Inadequate lubrication leads to chain wear, but more importantly often results in jerking. When an escalator jerks or jostles around an unsuspecting rider may lose their balance and fall.

In other cases there may be problems or safety hazards with the stop switches, hand rails, a lack of warning signs, problems with the handrail entry or plate, handrails which move faster than the stairs, or even unsafe railing height allowing passengers to fall over the side.

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