California has been a premier vacation destination for over a century. Your family may be excited to picnic in the cool shade of the Redwoods or find the sun along the beautiful coastline.  You may want to stargaze in Los Angeles and watch movies get made in Hollywood. The Golden State has you covered.

Safety on a Vacation

When you pick your vacation spot you may only have fun in mind, but the safety of your family is just as important on a trip as it is at home.  Accidents can happen anywhere you go, but an injury while traveling often means you are hundreds of miles from your home, your doctor, and your support network.

You can be stuck in an unfamiliar place, recovering, wondering what to do. The distress only grows if you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault.  How do you make sure you don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake?

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Los Angeles Traffic Dangers

California has some very high peaks, some very wild animals and plenty of big surf, but the most likely dangers are always in the bigger cities. Los Angeles traffic is notorious for dead-stop gridlock, high-speed chases, and careless drivers.

You may brave the freeways of Southern California getting to your next vacation stop, just be aware of the risks involved. The LAPD documented 54,000 collisions in 2019.  Those accidents led to nearly 240 deaths.

Whether you’re in a vehicle, on foot or on a bicycle, you and your family need to pack a lot of caution when visiting any major metropolitan area.

Los Angeles Pedestrian Threats

Your first stop may be Hollywood Boulevard. Strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and even seeing some movie stars made of wax ranks high on the list for tourists.

Los Angeles wants visitors experiencing the city’s famous walking tours to do so safely, but in the first half of 2020, the LAPD reports 50 people died in collisions.  Well over half of those victims were pedestrians and cyclists.

Despite a major commitment by city lawmakers to make walking and biking safer, the recent numbers have only gone up year to year.

The most alarming figure came out of the LA County Department of Public Health. For children, ages 5-14,  motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death. Children are especially vulnerable as passengers in vehicle crashes but are also harder to see along sidewalks and streets. Kids are always in danger around traffic.  The more traffic the more risk.

California Time Limits on Accident Claims

The California statute of limitations sets forth a deadline to file a lawsuit over a collision. In Los Angeles and the rest of the state, there is typically a two-year deadline from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit for injuries. There are certain exceptions to this rule like medical malpractice claims, claims against government entities, or when minors are injured.

If a person is injured due to the actions of a governmental entity or employee, that person should consult with an attorney even sooner (before six months are up).

California’s Comparative Fault Laws

In California, you can be partially at fault for your accident but still collect damages.  Another driver can be forced to pay for the percentage of a crash they were responsible for causing.

In California, you are entitled to recover for your injuries and damages against the at fault party minus any percentage that you’re deemed to be at fault for the accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate these sometimes complex cases.


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Vacations are supposed to be a time for family fun and bonding.  If you or your family is suddenly injured, you’ll often be far from home and in unfamiliar territory, as the recovery begins.  If you’re hurt in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, consider contacting a local attorney.

The best thing to do when injured in an accident in California is to talk to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney who understands local law and has experience getting injured victims the compensation they deserve.

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