Michael Jackson BankruptcyOver the years we have had several actors, actresses, and other professionals in the entertainment industry come to us for assistance with debts, managing finances, and filing bankruptcy.

Because filling for bankruptcy is public, many people have a sense of failure or are worried about the social stigma from declaring bankruptcy. Once you talk to us and get the facts you will feel empowered! 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, Willie Nelson, Mike Tyson, and Marvin Gaye are just a few big celebrity names who utilized bankruptcy to get their finances in order, just to name a few. Would you consider these people failures? Heck no.

Take these 2 points to heart:

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  • Almost nobody that walks through our doors thought they would be filing bankruptcy.
  • Most people wait far too long to file bankruptcy, costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars. Keep your money in the bank and call us now. It is very unfortunate when we meet people who have drained their bank accounts and lost their home when we could have rescued all of the above.

The time to file bankruptcy is when it is in your best interest.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney will determine this for you when you meet with them.

The Internet is full of bankruptcy misinformation and myths. Don’t even bother Googling this one.

Actors, Actresses, and Entertainers have inconsistent income

In every profession where income is inconsistent, organizing finances can get out of hand. It happens to the best entertainers in all industries.

Record and television producers, songwriters, musicians, screenwriters, directors, composers, rappers and rock stars are not financial planners- we get it, and can help you get back on track.

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