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A recent construction accident in West Hollywood

On March 22, 2016, there was a terrible accident which resulted in the death of a construction worker. The contractor was with Southern California Edison (SCE Corp). Southern California Edison has a large presence in Southern California as does Pacific Gas & Electric. Crush accidents on construction sites often result in fractures, tissue damage and occasionally prove fatal like this accident did.

According to an article on KTLA, the West Hollywood incident occurred at a construction site near Sunset Boulevard and La Cienga Boulevard. The worker was crushed by a crane and another object, possibly a trailer.

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Construction Accidents are Common

Every year in the United States, construction accidents injure thousands thousands of workers. According to OSHA, over 20% of on all on the job fatalities took place in construction. The most common fatalities are due to  falls, electrocutions, struck by object, and “caught in between”.

Liability in Construction Site Accidents

Unfortunately, in many cases negligence or another person’s carelessness play a role in the workplace injury. Employees must use caution when operating machinery and safety precautions must be followed. Manufacturers of equipment are responsible for safe design of equipment. In some cases, third parties are to blame. All cases are very different and an experienced attorney can examine each situation.

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An experienced West Hollywood personal injury lawyer can help you obtain significantly more compensation for injuries and deaths than you would receive without one. Compensation may include workers’ comp or may exist for the families and loved ones left behind in tragic and fatal accidents.