If you get injured when out shopping or visiting someone’s home, the law allows you to collect compensation for your injuries against the store owner or property’s insurance policy. This is called premises liability, and it means that the owner of a property has a duty to keep the place reasonably free from dangerous hazards.

If someone is injured because of a dangerous hazard, then this gives the victim the right to make an injury claim. However, premises liability claims are tough to make successfully as the law also allows property owners a reasonable time to fix any existing hazards.

At the Law Offices of Steers & Association, we have helped serve members of our community who have been injured in premises liability accidents.

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How to Make a Premises Liability Claim

Like any personal injury claim, before the victim can collect compensation, he or she must prove that the other person was negligent and did something that caused their injuries. When it comes to premises liability claims, the victim has to prove that the owner either negligently created the hazard or knew of the hazard and didn’t remove it within a reasonable amount of time.

Creation of a Hazard

A dangerous hazard is any condition on the property that is likely to injure someone. Under California law, a victim can prove that a dangerous hazard was created in two ways by the property owner.

  1. The owner created the hazard through negligent maintenance or other means, or
  2. The owner knew, or should have known of a hazard and did nothing (or did something inadequate) to fix the condition.

For example, if the property owner knew about a bottle of cooking oil that spilled on aisle 4 of a grocery store but did nothing to clean it up, and someone slipped and fell, then the owner is likely responsible for paying for the victim’s injuries.

Another example would be if an employee at a shoe store hung a heavy decoration but didn’t appropriately fasten it. If the decoration falls on a customer’s head and injures them, the store likely would be responsible for paying for damages.

Types of Premises Injuries

Someone can be injured on another’s premises in many ways. Some we know about, like tripping and falling, but others aren’t so obvious like inhaling chemicals or getting electrocuted. At the Law Offices of Steers & Associates, we’ve helped many victims of premises injuries to get compensation. Some of the ways victims have been injured while on someone’s property are:

  • Slip or Trip and Fall
  • Falling Objects
  • Faulty Stairs
  • Broken Handrails
  • Chemical Burns
  • Electrocution
  • Wells
  • Hidden Hazards
  • Fires
  • Drownings
  • Dog Bites
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Icy Sidewalks
  • Rain on Floors

These are just some of the ways people get hurt while on someone else’s property. If any of these or others happen to you, contact an attorney right away so you can get compensation for your injuries.

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