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Attorney Elena Steers can help you throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

Her experience in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings is unparalleled. She is widely recognized in her field, with affiliations with the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association.

You will be hard pressed to find a bankruptcy lawyer with more experience in the North Hollywood, California area.

About North Hollywood California

On paper, North Hollywood is only a 5.9 square mile piece of land to the west of Burbank, but many people generally refer to the area between Burbank and Highway 170 as North Hollywood, also, despite not being within the neighborhoods borders. More than 90,000 people live within the actual boundaries, but that number fluctuates greatly when including the unofficial areas on it’s outskirts.

Cultural diversity is a fundamental aspect of North Hollywood, with many of its residents belonging to Latino, Asian, African American, Jewish, Jamaican, Middle Eastern, Iranian, German, and Filipino communities. This blending of cultures is a classic American tale, repeated many times over the past two centuries, from the New York harbors in the 1800s, to small west coast towns in the 21st century.

North Hollywood has undergone many changes throughout its long history, with roots all the way back into the 1880s. Most recently, though, the community is growing and evolving thanks to the North Hollywood Development District, a 743 acre area designed to recapture North Hollywood’s historic image and reinvigorate the area’s economy. The new construction includes 15 story condominium towers, apartment complexes, and shopping centers, helping to change the area from a suburban setting to a more metropolitan style center. Currently, the average annual household income is $42,000, but this is expected to grow over the next decade, due to the new development and growing economy.